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• Thursday, Dec 15, you published in your sports section a picture of five seniors girls from Varsity Dance Team as being State Champions ... the team of 15 girls are state champions. There were many unhappy families and girls that were hurt because your paper reconized [sic] only seniors during the Bearden game just as if they won it themselves. There were 15 girls on the court being reconized [sic] that night for a team effort that won them state. That was unfair to the ten girls your paper excluded from being reconized [sic] and to separate the team from such a incredible win was not right. It was not senior nite ... they will have their shinning moment later in the season and then it will be great to reconize them alone, not with this event. A “TEAM” picture was taken with all of the 15 girls with their framed certificates but you published the seniors only ... why? I think (and others) that was unfair to the other ten girls that worked just as hard as the five seniors that your paper made stars. Take another look at the print and tell me your paper feels that was a fair thing to do. I and others will disagree.

Editor’s Note: A photo and story of the entire team ran in farragutpress the week of Dec. 8. We chose to run the picture indicated so that we would not be repeating ourselves. It was either that or no picture at all.

• My wish list for Farragut: First on the list would be possibly black wrought iron street signs, which would be easily read from the car, that you could actually see them — plus it would look very nice; also putting in black lanterns from Campbell Station Road to Smith Road. I think we need traffic lights at Virtue, Old Stage and Everett roads. Maybe make a park at the intersection of Old Stage Road and Kingston Pike across from Wentworth Condominiums. And also, that big grassy area that’s down in front of the big house on the hill on Kingston Pike near the Town Hall, make that a really nice town square with benches and black wrought iron lanterns and a fountain, possibly a pavilion like up at the [Campbell Station] library. At Dixie Lee Junction, a replica of maybe of a train junction, with the (inaudible) fashion, very old world with all the buildings around it kinda incorporating themselves into it. Possibly getting all the businesses along Kingston Pike to light their buildings in little white lights for the holidays. And also maybe putting lighted wreaths or snowflakes on the flagpoles with the holiday signs or alternating poles. And I think that maybe the businesses up at Canton Hollow could be incorporated into the Farragut view with the Knoxville sign nightmare going on there, and those buildings, like Matlock Tire and the big orange or bright yellow tire building, maybe incorpating those into Farragut ... at Lovell Road. This would be my wish to make Farragut beautiful.

• It is impossible to use the Farragut Branch Library for reading or study because of the level of noise. A sad thing is that the librarians make no effort to control it. In fact, they contribute to the virtual anarchy at the library by carrying on loud conversations at the desk, chatting with patrons on personal topics, paging patrons for phone calls or children’s hour over a loudspeaker. And setting their desk phones at the loudest and shrillest ring tone. The next time the library system asks for more money, I’m leading the opposition. Why should we support librarians who show no consideration for their patrons?

• I am a fan of WFIV, formerly West 105[.3], and have noticed the addition of Leslie Tucker of farragutpress on the morning program. Recently, I noted that Leslie has been reporting only news that occurs in the town of Farragut, whereas formerly she reported on citywide and nationwide happenings. I was wondering what prompted the change? I read the farragutpress from cover to cover on a weekly basis and do not need Leslie reading last week’s or next week’s paper to me. I enjoyed hearing quirky little stories from around town, around the nation and around the world and wish that Leslie’s enthusiasm would not be squelched. She and Todd [Ethridge] have a good rapport and I only wish that the Independent Voice of Farragut would allow Leslie and Todd to run with it. Let them report what is happening outside as well as inside of Farragut and continue to keep it fresh. Keep up the good work Leslie. You are a woman of many talents.

• I own Appalachian Antiques on Campbell Station Road. In the last couple of months they have opened a street up behind our shop. We are divided by that street and La Petite Academy, which is a day care. People will drive 40, 50, 60 mph through this road. We need a stop sign. I’ve almost been hit going to my dumpster on numerous occasions. It’s very dangerous, and there are many children at this day care.

• I wonder, is there not a law keeping these beggars from standing on the Interstate exits at Lovell Road and Campbell Station Road asking for handouts and slowing down traffic and all? I don’t see how that should be legal, to stand there for hours on end and make their living begging for money like that. They ought to be run off by the cops.

Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

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• The farragutpress reserves the right not to publish any comment for any reason.

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