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• Nov. 9: A Lebanon truck driver advised police that another driver had struck her trailer as he was driving by her truck.

• Nov. 11: Police were dispatched to a Raceland Way address in response to a domestic matter. Upon arrival the victim told officers that he had been arguing with this wife because she was cheating on him. The victim voluntarily left the residence.

• Nov. 13: A Southwick Drive man called police after he discovered items missing from his home after a painting crew had been doing work. The complainant stated he contacted the painting contractor, who allegedly told him the suspect had recently been fired for using drugs and stated he thought the suspect had taken the items valued at more than $4,000.

• Nov. 13: Police were called to the parking lot of the Cracker Barrel restaurant on Campbell Station Road in response to a vehicle burglary. The victim told police that upon exiting the restaurant she discovered that an unknown suspect had broken out a window of the vehicle and taken her purse, which contained a schoolbook.

• Nov. 13: Police were advised by a Dundee Road resident that he has had continuing problems with his neighbor about the neighbor’s dog being on the victim’s property. The victim stated he has spoken with animal control officers about repeated leash law violations. The victim stated animal control placed humane traps on his property, which resulted in the capture of the dog. However, the victim claimed the neighbor’s stepson comes onto the victim’s property and releases the animal before animal control arrives. The victim is concerned about the suspect’s repeated trespassing and interference with animal control procedures.

• Nov. 14: A worker at the Texaco convenience store on Campbell Station Road reported the theft of $10.56 in fuel. The complainant told police that the suspect attempted to pay for fuel with a credit card. After several attempts to swipe the card, the card was declined at which time the suspect allegedly became argumentative and exited without paying.

• Nov. 14: A Chaho Road woman called police after she received a telephone call from a witness who told her two black males had gotten into the garage of a deceased man and were attempting to take a 1999 Cadillac that belonged to him. The witness stated one of the males identified himself as the grandson of the victim and he had paperwork to repossess the car. The complainant, who claimed to have lived with the deceased for 20 years, stated the car is part of the deceased’s estate and is tied up in probate.

• Nov. 15: A worker at the BP fueling center on Watt Road reported to police that the driver of a black Honda Civic pumped $18.50 in fuel and left without paying. The complainant described the suspect as a white male in his 20s, who was wearing blue jeans and a dark T-shirt. The suspect exited the parking lot and proceeded to travel eastbound on I-40/75.

• Nov. 15: A Dominion Circle woman advised police that she had received a threatening telephone call. The victim stated that the suspect called in reference to the victim going to court and getting custody of a 5-month-old baby girl. The suspect allegedly asked the victim to confirm she had the child and that an aunt had told the suspect where the victim lived. The suspect allegedly claimed the victim kidnapped the child and was hiding the child’s mother. The suspect told the victim that police were on the way to get the victim tonight and that if they did not get her child she would do whatever it took to get her child back, even if it meant kicking the victim’s [omitted].

• Nov. 16: A worker at the Hardee’s restaurant on Watt Road reported to police that the driver of a BMW-type vehicle threw out a DVD player into a flower bed near the drive-through.

• Nov. 19: A Virginia man called police to report possible fraud activity. Upon arrival, the complainant told officers his mother, a Sugarwood resident, recently passed away and that he was named executor for her estate. The complainant told police that after examining his mother’s financials, he found numerous transactions from his mother’s accounts to that of her caregiver. The complainant stated he also found questionable life insurance polices naming the caregiver as beneficiary. The complainant reported that one bank transaction was for $23,000.

• Nov. 19: Police responded to a Lanesborough Lane address to investigate a claim of vandalism and assault. The victim stated she was taking a guy friend, who had stayed overnight, to his car when the suspect blocked her in. The suspect allegedly moved, stopped in front of the victim’s vehicle, exited his vehicle and then struck the victim’s vehicle windshield with his fist causing it to shatter. The victim stated that a short time later she allowed the suspect into her apartment. The two continued arguing until the suspect assaulted the victim by pulling her hair and grabbing her by the neck. The suspect also allegedly broke a dinner plate by throwing it. The suspect fled the scene to his apartment and refused to open the door when officers attempted to make contact.

• Nov. 20: Knox County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a domestic call on O’Connell Drive. The victim told police that he and the suspect were in an argument when the suspect struck the victim in the face. Investigating officers observed a red mark on the victim’s cheek. The suspect also told police that she slapped the victim. The suspect was taken into custody under Tennessee domestic violence law.

• Nov. 27: Police responded to a Hughlan Drive address after the complainant advised police one of his vehicle had been shot into overnight. Officers noted that it appeared that a shotgun had been used to shoot the vehicle causing damage to the front windshield, the passenger-side doorframe and a rear, sliding window. The complainant said that he and some friends had been at a West End Avenue restaurant earlier and had gotten into a physical altercation with five unknown males. The victim stated he believes the five males may be suspects in the incident. A witness stated she heard what she thought was fireworks at about 1:30 a.m.

• Nov. 27: A Summit Mountain Court man reported to police that his vehicle had been shot with what appeared to have been a shotgun while it was parked at a Hughlan Drive residence. The complainant reported that the passenger-side of the vehicle had been shot numerous times.

• Nov. 30: A Saddlebrook Inc. worker called police to report a burglary at a Providence Glen Lane building site. Missing was a faucet and pedestal sink.

• Nov. 30: Police were called to Concord Woods Road in response to a domestic matter. The victim called police after she and the suspect, her mother, had gotten into a verbal argument over the suspect going out and getting intoxicated. The victim left the residence after calling police.

• Dec. 1: A Meadow Pointe Lane man called police for advice on how to have his son removed from his home. The complainant stated the son constantly steals from the family, sleeps all day and curses them. Police advised the complainant of his rights.

• Dec. 1: A Long Bow Road couple reported to police that an unknown suspect had stolen the license plates from a company van and another vehicle parked at their residence.

• Dec. 1: A Countryway Drive resident reported to police that his son’s rented clarinet had been stolen. The complainant stated he is renting the instrument from Rush’s Music and that his son had taken it to school and laid it down outside of the classroom. When the complainant’s son came out a little before noon, he discovered the clarinet had been stolen. School officials helped him look throughout the building and they could not find the instrument. The complainant said he called the music store and was advised to call police.

• Dec. 2: Knox County Police arrested a Timbercreek Way man after a pursuit from Ball Camp Pike to Loudon County. The pursuit began after a witness observed the arrestee stealing a trailer from the victim’s residence. The trailer contained the victim’s hot-air balloon. The witness stated he followed the suspect until KCSO deputies picked up the pursuit. The suspect fled into Loudon County where he abandoned his vehicle and attempted to escape on foot.

• Dec. 3: Police were dispatched to a Heathermoor Drive residence in response to an attempted suicide. Upon arrival, officers discovered the victim and had her transported to Parkwest Medical Center for treatment.

• Dec. 3: A loss prevention employee of the Kohl’s department store in Farragut reported to police that he had attempted to detain two suspects after they were observed attempting to leave the store with two bags of merchandise. The complainant stated that he gave chase and fell down in the pursuit, injuring his leg. The suspects escaped in a waiting vehicle. The complainant was transported to Baptist Hospital West for treatment.

• Dec. 4: Police rendezvoused with a Loudon woman at the Texaco convenience store at Kingston Pike and Watt Road to investigate an assault claim and violation of an order of protection. The victim stated the suspect had the kids for the weekend. When the victim left work she had received several voice messages from the suspect calling her a whore. The two began arguing when the victim arrived to pick up the children. The victim stated the suspect was yelling at her at the victim’s van. The suspect grabbed her face leaving a scratch on her nose below her right eye. The victim pushed the suspect down and left. The victim called police. Police reported that a records check revealed an order of protection on file out of Roane County.

• Dec. 4: Police were advised by a Union Camp Lane resident that an unknown suspect had broken out the rear window of his vehicle with an unknown object. The complainant also advised police the dining room window was shot out with what appeared to be a pellet.

• Dec. 5: Knox County police arrested a Norcross, Ga., man at he Holiday Inn on Campbell Lakes Boulevard after receiving a report of a stolen vehicle. The vehicle was confirmed to be stolen and the suspect was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle.

• Dec. 5: Knox County police arrested an Oak Ridge man after an altercation at the Fast & Friendly Market on Lovell Road. Police reported that an officer was dispatched to the market in order to complete a $39.17 fuel theft. Upon arrival, the officer was met by a market employee who advised him that the suspect had returned to the market and was in the market. The officer encountered the suspect, along with the store manager, at the business front door. The officer noted the suspect was very agitated and belligerent towards him and continued to point his finger and impose the officer’s personal and reactionary space. The officer stated he continually instructed the suspect to calm down and step back. The reporting officer advised all parties to go back into the market and calm down. Once inside the market, the suspect’s conduct continued to impose on the officer’s space. The market manager advised the reporting officer that the suspect had assaulted him prior to the officer’s arrival. The suspect became more agitated and attempted to leave the scene. The reporting officer attempted to detain the suspect and the suspect refused to submit to being handcuffed, physically grabbing the reporting officer. The officer broke the suspect’s grip and maneuvered the suspect into handcuffs. A backup officer arrived at this time. During the investigation, the store clerk told police that the suspect had pumped the fuel and attempted to pay with a credit card, which was denied. The clerk stated she went outside and instructed the suspect to come in and speak with the manager. The clerk stated that the suspect said it “was just forty dollars in gas,” following that remark with several expletives and drove off. The clerk recorded the license tag number. The complainants stated that the officer arrived on the scene moments after the suspect returned. The suspect was place under arrest and given a criminal trespass warning. The complainants advised officers that this was the third time the suspect had driven off without paying for fuel.

• Dec. 5: A complainant at Parkside Internal Medicine reported to police that two cash boxes and cash were missing from the business. There is no suspect information.

• Dec. 5: Police were dispatched to the Walgreen’s drug store on Kingston Pike at Lovell Road to investigate forged prescriptions. Upon investigation, the suspect admitted to writing the prescriptions.

• Dec. 5: A McFee Road resident called police to report a domestic matter. Upon arrival, the complainant told officers that she and her husband, the witness, had been in an argument with their daughter, the suspect. The complainant stated the suspect was being defiant and disrespectful to her and her husband. The complainant stated the argument grew over the suspect’s involvement with and adult male and his negative influence on her.

• Dec. 5: Police were advised by a Turkey Creek Road resident that a 6-foot-tall homemade snowman decoration had been taken from the complainant’s yard. The complainant said she waited to call police because she figured some juveniles had taken the snowman and was waiting to see if it would be returned. There are no suspects.

• Dec. 6: A follow-up investigation to the recovery of eight bundles of lottery tickets revealed that the tickets were reported missing from the Weigel’s Farm Store at Old Stage Hills during a burglary in July.

• Dec. 6: Police were advised by a complainant working on a construction site in the 12000 block of Kingston Pike that eight packages of various types of Tennessee Lottery tickets were discovered. The tickets were turned over to police forensics.

• Dec. 7: A Kingston man reported to police that his vehicle had been burglarized while parked in the 10000 block of Kingston Pike.

• Dec. 7: A Long Bow Road man reported to police that his license plate had been stolen.

• Dec. 7: Police responded to an assault call at a Red Canyon Drive address after the victim claimed the suspect, her ex-stepmother, slapped her in the face when the victim told the suspect not to touch her baby. The suspect has allegedly called the victim repeatedly since a November incident; making threats to take the baby while saying the victim will never see the baby again.

• Dec. 7: A Lanesborough Lane woman reported to police that her vehicle had been burglarized while parked at the Rush fitness center on Canton Hollow Road. Missing from the vehicle was the woman’s purse and a workbag. The victim told police that when she was canceling her credit cards, it was discovered that the suspect had used one of the cards at the Walgreen’s drug store on North Peters Road at Kingston Pike. An officer continued the investigation at the Walgreen’s and was told by the store assistant manager that he had witnessed the suspect attempting to use the card and kept it suspecting that the card was stolen. Officers confiscated a video of the suspect and the card.

• Dec. 8: Police were dispatched to the West Park Inn on Outlet Drive to investigate a claim by the desk clerk that her purse had been stolen by one of the guests at the motel. Police arrested and Marandized the suspect, who admitted to the theft.

• Dec. 9: Police were dispatched to a Dundee Road residence to investigate an attempted suicide. Upon arrival, officers were told the victim had taken pills and was drinking beer. The victim appeared unsteady on his feet and was transported to Baptist Hospital West.

• Dec. 9: A Herron Road man reported to police that several items had been stolen from his residence. The complainant stated that he suspects a friend of his daughter, who has been staying at the house. The victim claimed that the suspect was overheard making arrangements to make a trip to the pawnshop. Police listed the items on NCIC.

• Dec. 10: A worker at the Gondolier restaurant on West End Avenue reported to police that her vehicle had been burglarized while she was at work. Entry was made by breaking out a window on the passenger-side of the vehicle. Missing was the woman’s purse.

• Dec. 10: A Franklin man reported to police that he had made arrangements with the suspect to meet at the Pilot convenience store on North Campbell Station Road in order to pick up their child. The suspect did not show up for the exchange.

• Dec. 10: Police were advised by a Farragut resident that her vehicle had been burglarized while parked at a restaurant on South Campbell Station Road. Missing was the woman’s purse and its contents.

• Dec. 10: Police were advised by a San Jose, Calif., man that his cell phone had been stolen from the Petro’s fueling center restroom.

• Dec. 11: Police were dispatched to a Harvey Road address to investigate a possible overdose of pills in an attempt by the victim to do harm to herself.

• Dec. 11: A worker at Edison Park steakhouse reported to police that a suspect, a friend of the victim’s ex-girlfriend, called the victim at his place of employment threatening to do harm to the victim. The suspect then showed up at the victim’s work, stating he would give the victim a “hardcore Marine whipping.”

• Dec. 11: Knox County Police reported that an officer approached a 1999 red Dodge Durango and a 2005 white Dodge pickup truck at the intersection of Campbell Station Road and Parkside Drive. The complainant advised that he had slowed his vehicle down for the church zone and the suspect driving the Dodge truck started riding his bumper until at one time he thought that the suspect’s vehicle might have touched the back of his vehicle. The complainant advised that when he pulled over in the turn lane to make a right onto Parkside Drive, the suspect’s vehicle crossed two lanes to run up behind the complainant’s vehicle again. The suspect advised that the complainant was driving too slowly and she attempted to pass him. The complainant advised that a male passenger got out of the suspect’s vehicle. The complainant did engage in an argument with the suspect’s passenger.

• Dec. 11: Police were dispatched to the parking lot of the Bi-Lo market in Farragut to investigate an assault and vandalism claim. The victim, a Cleveland man, told police that a friend of his was being harassed in the parking lot of the business when the victim got involved. As the incident escalated, one of the suspects allegedly got a hammer out of the suspect’s vehicle and broke out the victim’s vehicle windshield. Another suspect allegedly struck the second victim in the face.

• Dec. 11: A Farr Drive resident reported to police that a tire was slashed on each of his two vehicles while parked in the driveway of the residence. The victim told police that he suspected a man who was a friend of his daughter and who also had been making threatening telephone calls to him.


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