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• Beside the post office in Farragut, the open land would make a beautiful park, with plenty of room for all. Ball fields, walking trails, bike riding and even skating areas. Areas are needed very bad for little league football, baseball, volleyball. The person that lives in the big home on back of this land might be willing to sell. We feel the city needs to look into this and contact them. ... This year, there has been little said about the homes’ Christmas decorations. Every year, we drive around and pick the most beautifully-decorated homes in the area. It seems the decorated [area] towards the end of Lake Park Circle continues to be the best decorated area every year. They are just beautiful to be this way every year. Thanks for all the hard work for us to enjoy.

• Yes, I’m calling about the two stories you have in the paper that seem to be ridiculing the poor little rabbits. One’s called “The Tattered Rabbit,” and the other story’s called “The Shabby Rabbit.” So, I’ve decided I’m going to open a little gift shop. But I’m going to call it “The Scruffy Bunny.”

• I find it kinda sad that so many people are pointing fingers and making nasty comments during this season about how or how not people are saying their Christmas or holiday greetings. The term “holiday” comes from Old and Middle English meaning, “Holy day.” And many, many people who are not Christians, such as Jewish people [inaudible], pagans, agnostics and [inaudible], also celebrate the Christmas season, not out of religious [reasons], but for family and fellowship. So if you are truly a Christian, embrace the people around you. Embrace what Jesus taught, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” Love, peace, family, friends — try a little of that. And Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, joy and peace to you. ... I just wanted to say I thought it was very commendable that the person who was friends with several newspaper carriers called in and made the points that they did about why people should tip their newspaper carriers in the holiday season. And I felt a little bit bad about it at first, until once again I came home today and my paper was on the ground and not in the receptacle that’s there obviously for it. And then I thought about all the times where we get papers on days that we’re not supposed to get them and we don’t get papers on the days that we are supposed to get them. Paper carriers chose that profession, just as I chose mine and you chose yours. I don’t get Christmas bonuses from anybody, and I’m sure most of you don’t. Do your job, do it to the best of your ability and be grateful for what you get paid. And if you do it right and you do it well and you put a little personal touch in it, maybe next year, paper carrier, I will give you a bonus. Happy Holidays.

• I live in Farragut, and I believe that we have a real problem growing in Farragut with our water waste treatment facility. I drive down Concord and Northshore [roads] and it is a horrible, horrible smell most of the time, particularly in the evening, and I don’t believe our water waste treatment facility is large enough to handle the explosion of growth that we’ve had out here in Farragut, and plans need to be made to improve our system; hopefully move the water waste treatment facility somewhere else and not pollute our waterways.

• This is addressing the caller who wants absolute quiet in the public library. Thankfully those days are over. I’ve been an elementary school teacher, a reading teacher, a middle school reading teacher and now I’m a K-through-12 reading specialist. I’ve spent the majority of my life talking to parents who never took their children to the library because they were afraid they would make noise, because they needed help from the librarian and they were afraid to ask for fear of appearing stupid or because they may receive condescending looks from people. Thankfully the new director of the library system has realized this too, and made the public library truly open to the general public. People are allowed to ask questions, 3-year-olds are allowed to act like 3-year-olds, families can experience the joy and excitement of reading, opening themselves up to experiences that they may only share through the pleasure of books. To the caller, may I suggest taking your book home and reading it? From the tone of your call, I’m sure you do not have children living currently at home. There is also a lovely park location next to the library that you can read in. Pellissippi State and UT offer silent reading areas and areas for studying, if that’s what you’re trying to do. Thank you, the public library system — librarians and assistants — for opening up the library for real people. Caller, the days of no talking, no touching, no enjoyment and unfilled bookshelves with unchecked-out books are long gone. Libraries foster a love for reading now, and the majority of us are very thankful.

• Yes, I want to comment on the cost estimate for the new northwest Knox County high school. The cost seems very exorbitant, and I don’t think that the cost of that has been scrubbed down to something that’s more reasonable. I think that what the [Knox] County Board of Education should do is get in touch with Earl Hoffmeister [former Knox County Schools superintendent]. Hoffmeister got more schools built at reasonable cost than anybody else has ever done in the state of Tennessee. He can reduce the cost of this school and get all the gold plate out of it and make it something that the county can afford. When he gets through with it, you’ll be able to, for that amount of money, get everything in it and more. I think he can even reduce the cost below the present cost [$50 million] estimate. That’s my recommendation to the county schools.

• I’m concerned because we are not able to get any of the Charter [cable] channels where they were. They’ve changed the whole setup [effective Dec. 14], and we have no way of knowing what is where. So, I wonder if we could find out from you or from someone what the new scheduling is so that we could find the channels and find out what’s on the channels.

• Recently I had an unpleasant experience with the local fire protection services contractor in Farragut when I cancelled my policy due to selling my home and moving from Knoxville. I called twice and left voice messages each time with this company. During a third call several days later after the sale of my house and ultimate move, I was transferred to a supervisor and had to leave another voice message. This call was returned and it was then that I learned about their policy. I was told I should have negotiated with the buyer or that I could have gifted the unused portion to her. I explained I had no way of knowing what their policy entailed and that I had tried to reach someone prior to selling my house but only reached an answering machine. I fully expected a refund for the unused portion of my annual subscription but was told they had a No Refund Policy. She told me she would tell her director that “I was unhappy.” You bet I’m unhappy. For 19 years I promptly paid the annual invoice and fortunately never used their services. The general public should be made aware of this policy so that other unsuspecting subscribers will know how to “negotiate” with home buyers to retrieve some portion of their annual fee.


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