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The year has turned and we are reminded that income tax filings are just a few months down the road.

We also are reminded that there are several groups of people still living in our midst that are labeled refugees from the hurricanes that hit the gulf coast several months ago.

Several of which are comprised of a group of people who are still reaping the benefits of federal dollars — or our tax monies.

Tax monies that are being spent on a group of people who, due to the actions or lack of actions of a few, unfortunately have been looked upon as unworthy.

Considering that, isn’t it time the American people took a real look at another form of taxation?

Neil Boortz’ book “The Fair Tax Book” lays out a plan for eliminating annual federal pick pocketing by the Internal Revenue Service and establishing more or less a consumption tax.

Not only will the plan do away with the IRS, but also it proposes to do away with the Social Security, Medicare, corporate income, death, self-employment, alternative minimum, gift and capital gains taxes.

The notion of abolishing the federal income taxes is nothing new. Farragut’s own U.S. Rep. John J. Duncan Jr. has proposed a national sales tax, which would in effect do away with income tax and place a consumption tax on those who avoid paying income tax — those who operate outside the law.

But, change is slow.

Man’s reluctance to change was readily seen in the public’s rejection of President George W. Bush III’s plan to revamp Social Security and allow working people to put their money in accounts that were virtually untouchable by federal government spenders.

As time goes on government becomes an even greater spender of taxpayers’ money, delving out billions in aid and relief to those who have shown no propensity to change their ways and attempt to support themselves without the help of government handouts.

Perhaps it is time to talk with local politicians and tell them that it takes more than words to be a good steward of tax dollars. It takes action on their part and a new plan.

With the new year, it is time for Washington to realize the plan is broken and now is the time to fix it.

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