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• Dec. 12: Police were advised by a Lost Tree Lane woman that claimed that a man vandalized her garage wall after taking a shower at her house. The victim stated the suspect, a painter, came over to her residence to use her shower. The victim said that after the suspect took his shower, he went to the garage and put a mark on the wall with possibly a Coke can. The victim appeared at the time of the report to allegedly be very intoxicated.

• Dec. 13: A worker at the Weigel’s Farm Store at Old Stage Hills reported to police that a man wearing a hood and a scarf over his face came into the store and robbed it. The worker stated the man allegedly said: “Let’s make this easy, give me all the money,” at which time the worker handed over the cash drawer and a milk jug full of change. The victim stated the robber never mentioned having a weapon.

• Dec. 14: A Heathermoor woman called police claiming she was being harassed. The complainant told police that she and the suspect were divorcing. She stated she had relocated from their residence due to past domestic violence. The complainant stated she felt that the suspect and her children were stalking her due to the domestic problems. The complainant said she had not spoken with the suspect directly in about six months. She stated that she had received a telephone call from her daughter that was suspicious and that she felt as though the daughter was gathering data for the suspect. The victim stated the suspect had threatened her in the past and had assaulted her causing injury.

• Dec. 14: Police were advised by a Rockford man that his tools were missing from the garage of a job site on which he was working at a Brochardt Lane address. The victim told police that a Hayfield Road man was the only one left on the site when the victim departed the previous workday.

• Dec. 14: Knox County Sheriff’s officers responded to an alarm at the Mr. Gas convenience store on Kingston Pike. Upon arrival, officers observed a witness leaving the crime scene and detained him for questioning. The witness stated he saw a small dark-colored vehicle traveling west on Kingston Pike just before he arrived at the business. The witness added that a female driver and male passenger occupied the vehicle. Officers noted the scene was processed and the video surveillance tape was secured for evidence.

• Dec. 15: Police picked up a Woodsmith Road woman walking along Grigsby Chapel Road after she filed a complaint against a Crystal Brook Road man. The victim told police that the suspect had taken her to his home this day. The victim also stated that her boyfriend, who lives in California, claims that he has been receiving unwanted telephone calls from the suspect and would seek harassment charges against the suspect if the calls continued. The victim stated that while at the suspect’s residence, she went to use the restroom and was followed by the suspect, who came into the bathroom behind her and allegedly struck her about the head and body with his fists. The victim stated the suspect’s father stopped the assault and told the victim to leave whereupon the police picked her up. The victim stated the suspect was mad because he had discovered the victim had deleted her boyfriend’s telephone number from the suspect’s telephone. The victim also told police that about three months ago the suspect had allegedly attempted to rape her by tearing off her clothing. The suspect was allegedly disrobed at the time and she was able to fend him off.

• Dec. 16: Knox County Sheriff’s Office deputies were alerted by a teacher at Farragut High School that a laptop computer was missing from the school. The complainant told police that an unknown person entered classroom “Orange 211” and stole the $600 computer. The complainant stated she had left the classroom unlocked when she departed yesterday (Dec. 15) at the end of the day in order for the janitorial staff to clean the room. The room was unlocked upon her arrival Friday and the Dell Inspiron laptop computer was gone. The computer was connected by a cable to a Proxima projector and tethered to a table. The suspect had attempted to cut the cable, and when the suspect was unable to cut the cable apparently jerked the cable from the computer. In doing so, police noted, the computer case should be damaged. Officers were told that in addition to the serial and model numbers, the computer had a large “15” written on its front and another school identification number. KCSO deputies alerted pawnshop patrol officers.

• Dec. 16: Police were dispatched to an O’Connell Drive residence in response to a domestic matter. Upon arrival, the complainant told officers that she has an ex-parte non-social order of protection against the suspect, her estranged husband. The woman stated that the suspect also has a similar order of protection against her, both of which have not been served. The complainant told police that the suspect came to the residence and opened the garage door. Upon the suspect seeing the victim, the suspect took off allegedly running up the street to his vehicle and drove away. The complainant stated that she fears the suspect.

• Dec. 17: A Cookeville woman notified police that her vehicle had been burglarized while parked at the Cotton Eyed Joe club on Outlet Drive. The woman stated to police that she had been in the club for only about two hours when she left and discovered that the back window of the vehicle had been broken out and her purse with its contents missing.

• Dec. 17: A Crossbridge Circle man called police after a domestic argument escalated into what he described as a simple assault. The complainant and the suspect, a 14th Street resident, both stated to police that they were in a verbal argument over the suspect’s computer. The argument turned physical when the suspect allegedly reached out and scratched the victim about his face. The suspect was gone upon officers’ arrival. The victim was given his rights but refused to proceed against the suspect.

• Dec. 18: Police were called to an O’Connell Drive address after a woman there reported finding a window ajar. The woman told police that when she came home, she found the curtain over the window in the living room pushed back and the window itself open a “crack.” The complainant stated she looked throughout the house and found the door to her husband’s bedroom had been opened. The woman stated that nothing appeared to be missing or broken.

• Dec. 19: Police responded to a call from a South Williamsburg Drive resident who wanted to report the theft of her wallet. The victim told police that the night before the suspect, of unknown address, came over to her residence. After the suspect departed, the victim claimed she discovered the wallet missing.

• Dec. 19: A worker at the Farragut Dollar General Store reported to police that a man in his 50s was observed by a customer stashing DVDs under his coat. The suspect fled from the store with the store employee in pursuit. The employee stated that the suspect got into a 1965 Plymouth with Tennessee tags. The complainant told police that the suspect backed his vehicle across the parking lot in an attempt to conceal his license plate number. The suspect got away with 11 DVDs.


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