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I see in the farragutpress that another election is on the horizon. I believe its been a few months since the last election and Im wondering why there are still political posters on the west side of Knoxville promoting a Knoxville City Councilman. I thought the candidates had 10 days to remove all of those after the election or they would be fined. Is this councilman being fined? Probably not.

Where are the police when you need them? I was coming down Campbell Station Road the other night and not one, but two, tractor-trailers pulled out of Campbell Lakes Boulevard without paying any heed to the stop sign. These trucks are not supposed to be on the streets of Farragut much less running stop signs.

Following the thunderstorms that came through Knox County a few days ago, it was interesting to note that there were several car accidents on I-40/75. While in traffic many of the drivers including myself pulled over to the left in order for emergency vehicles, I believe there were three, to get to the accident scenes. Of course, preceding the emergency vehicle were those several cars that took advantage of the situation and passed the pulled-over cars in order to get to the front of the line. Why cant these people be ticketed?

I think a round-about on Northshore Drive is an excellent idea. I have experienced these in several areas both here in the United States and abroad and I think they work wonderfully.

Id like to call in a complaint on the water waste treatment facility over here at Farragut that just smells horrible. Ive noticed here in the last couple of months that it is getting stronger and stronger and stronger. I think the system must be overloaded or something, and Id like to see some public debate on it and hopefully some solutions.

To those of us as confused by Charters numerical [cable] TV listings, both before and after its changed, do what I did write, dont call, and ask for an alphabetical listing instead of the published numerical listing. They were very cooperative and created one for me very quickly [866-472-2200].

I have been a frequent patron of the Farragut [Public] Library for the past 12 years, and I have always been impressed with the professional, caring and courteous staff at the library, and helpfulness of all the employees at the library. I think its a wonderful resource for us, and they are very helpful to us.

Im calling to find out if Knox County School Board is going to inform the people on the west side of town where the new lines will be drawn in regards to rezoning for the new [high] school [adjacent to] Karns High School and Farragut High School. Im wondering if this information is going to be posted on their Web site two years in advance like it was for Amherst, so that residents may pick and choose where they might like to locate their family in regards to what school they choose to attend?

Id like to know whos in charge of monitoring the school zone flashing light on Grigsby Chapel Road. I travel that road in the mornings and have been hit with that light and its reduced speed the entire holiday break. I think its an inconvenience for taxpayers to have to slow down when there is no school in session, let alone having to slow down when there is no school on Grigsby Chapel Road to begin with like there is on Kingston Pike at Concord Christian School where there is no school zone light and the school property is on Kingston Pike. Somebody wake up and turn off the light.

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