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Go West, young ‘Cav’

Dear Chuck:

There’s a rumor going around that you have migrated to West Knoxville. Just wondering if you would care to confirm or deny this report? If it’s true, welcome aboard! Also, are you going to have any New Year’s resolutions that you want to share? Thanks.

Andrew Davis

West Knoxville

Unlike Mark Twain concerning rumors of his demise, I can confirm these reports.

I used to live halfway between Halls and Gibbs and have moved to Gulf Chase subdivision off Cedar Bluff Road.

It’s a very nice neighborhood and I’m looking forward to living “out West.”

Bob and Linda Caldwell lived in the house before me and have moved just up the road. He said, “It’s a great area because you’re only ten away minutes from anything.”

Because I am a little bit of a hick, I immediately thought: “Boy, I can’t wait to get to Hawaii.”

I have a patent on my New Year’s resolution and it has been the same for several years: “To remain under 7-foot tall.”

Don’t laugh. Why pick something that you don’t have a realistic chance to accomplish? I’m about the same height as Michael Jordan (6-foot-6, but that’s where the similarity ends), so there’s plenty of room to accomplish my goal.

Some people want to stop smoking and others want to lose weight. Me? I just want to stay under 7-foot tall. It’s already a pain to find jeans or dress pants that fit.

OK, here’s another resolution: I am going to start working out and hope to add about 10 yards to my drives in golf.

That certainly sounds fair enough to me.


After watching NFL games all season, I’ve got a question as the playoffs approach: If your team had the worst record in the league — and had a legitimate chance to get the No. 1 overall draft pick — would you still try and win a game? It seems to be one of the few things the announcers shy away from talking about.

Steve Wheeler


As the two-time defending champion of the Dirty Dozen fantasy football league, I am more concerned with individual stats than team records.

But you make a great point: After all, a team that has clinched a playoff spot can rest its starters without interference by the league. Why should the Indianapolis Colts risk an injury to Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison or Edgerin James if home field advantage throughout the playoffs has already been clinched?

Therefore, a team with a losing record — and essentially nothing more to play for than pride — should be able to do the same thing. I would rather finish with the worst record and be able to pick the very best college player (which appears to be tailback Reggie Bush of Southern Cal).

Award-winning columnist Chuck Cavalaris writes a bi-monthly column for farragutpress. Send questions or comments to or call 865-769-9295.


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