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• I would like to thank fast-food restaurants for helping me make a bold New Year’s resolution for my family. As a busy mother of two at Farragut Primary, we occasionally stopped for a quick meal at the more prominent fast-food chains. Not only are the dining areas filthy, the employees regularly handle cash and then handle food. The restrooms are unspeakable, too. I have never seen such disgraceful establishments. The owners should be ashamed, and should be receiving health citations. My family no longer has your business. We will be making healthier, cleaner, food choices in 2006.

• What is going on with the sewage smell in Farragut? It is awful and it’s been ongoing for weeks. You go all the way down Concord Road, all the way up Turkey Creek Road, or down Northshore Drive, it’s embarrassing, it’s unhealthy and I don’t understand why I don’t read anything about what the problem is. Is there something you’re not telling us, town of Farragut? … I think it’s coming from the sewage facility, but it is so obnoxious; it’s very embarrassing when people come to your home and they have to travel through that. That odor stays in your car and comes into your garage, and it’s almost unbearable through that stretch. Can something be done about this, and isn’t it harmful to even breathe in the air as you pass by this area? I hope that we can get this fixed rather quickly.

• I have lived off Concord Road for 12 years and have never really had a complaint about the nearby wastewater treatment facility. However, the last couple of weeks there has been an almost constant odor in the air, which I can even smell while inside my house. Their Web site says the [plant] expansion should decrease the odor, but I was wondering if the paper could update us on what exactly is going on with the wastewater treatment facility?

• I would just like to say that I trust [Knox County Mayor] Mike Ragsdale. I really think that he’s done a great job in his leadership position and he has high morals, which I think this community needs.

• The most trustworthy public official in [Knox County], I think that is [Knox County] Mayor Mike Ragsdale. He says what he wants to do and he does it. He’s a man of his word.

• In your [Jan. 5] paper in relation to the four political figures and “who do you trust?” [Through the Lens]; of the four of those guys I wouldn’t trust any of them. They’re all crooked and out for their own benefit.

• I really don’t know what all the hoopla was about the TV show “The Book of Daniel.” Although, I hadn’t planned on watching the show until all the publicity, which was probably planned and well planned by the way, began. I thought the show came out as interesting and thought-provoking. I plan to continue watching it and actually resent the attempts by a few to censor on my behalf.

• While visiting family for Christmas in Louisiana, I caught an announcement on the news I thought might affect some of the families that have relocated and found themselves in Knoxville or the surrounding areas. I thought I should pass it along to you, in hopes of getting the message to those who might be affected. Residents of St. Bernard Parish (an area hit particularly hard by Katrina) have a deadline of Jan. 31 to complete and submit a Structure Demolition Form if they need to have their house bulldozed. The form allows the state to demolish the home, with the state footing the bill. If they miss the deadline, residents will have to pay for the demolition themselves. I’ve included the Web site for the St. Bernard’s local government. This is where the forms are located. There is a menu on the left, just select Rebuilding Resources, then Demolition Right of Entry to pull up the form. I was hoping you could maybe see this gets into the paper. I know if it was me and I had to pay for the destruction of my home because I missed a deadline, I would be highly upset. Thanks for any help you can give.

• A few weeks ago I contacted your paper in reference to what I felt at the time was an unfair write up and picture of the Seniors on the FHS Varsity Dance Team. That letter was written in the heat of frustration for the other girls. That particular night they all celebrated the State Championship win in front of their peers. Your paper was kind enough to come and get the news. I was wrong for what I wrote to your paper. You did a good thing. It was good for the seniors to get recognized as they did. They are such a good group of girls. I would like to apologize to you and your paper for complaining on your choice of publication. You were doing your job and I really feel bad for what I said while your paper was actually doing good for the team. farragutpress has done so much for the varsity dance team and other sport teams at FHS. You are a top notch paper for covering the activities at FHS and other schools in the community so closely. Please accept my apology for acting and responding in such an inexcusable way. Thank you.

• What’s up with the stench coming from the First Utility District WWTP on Concord road? It his been unbearable at times and has been that way for weeks. Any relief in sight? A call found they were cleaning a ditch, which was supposed to be completed before Dec. 22. Can you help us? Thanks.


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