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• Dec. 20: Police were called to a West End Avenue restaurant after receiving a complaint from the manager that a money drop was missing. The manager told police that he had given the money to a named employee to drop in the safe. The employee stated she gave the money to another employee who said the other employee had given him some money to drop in the safe but it was not the amount that was missing. The manager stated that only the two employees handled the money and only he had access to the safe.

• Dec. 20: Police were called to an Oran Drive address in response to a domestic matter. Upon arrival, the complainant told officers that her estranged husband, who advised her that he was coming to gather his belongings, had contacted her. Officers noted the suspect did not show up for the exchange.

• Dec. 20: A Sailview Road woman reported to police that some of her jewelry was missing. The victim told police that upon returning to her home, she noticed the items valued at about $4,000 missing. The victim stated that she had given a key to a man who was doing some work for her but did not wish to list him as a suspect at this time.

• Dec. 21: A complainant told police that two locksets were taken from a Providence Glen Drive worksite his company is working at sometime during the workday. The locksets were valued at about $650.

• Dec. 22: Police were dispatched to a Woodchase Road address after the resident called to report that her estranged husband was on the property. The victim told police the suspect was “extremely intoxicated” and that she took his keys and called his sister to come and get him. The suspect became upset and began cursing and yelling. The suspect left the residence with his sister.

• Dec. 22: A Red Mill Road man reported to police that the license plate from his company semi was missing. The complainant advised that he did not know when or where the plate was lost.

• Dec. 24: Police recovered the missing automobile belonging to a Ringgold, Ga., man after receiving a request to look in the Campbell Station Road/I-40/75 area from the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office. Officers found the vehicle in the parking lot of the Baymont Inn on Campbell Lakes Boulevard.

• Dec. 24: Police were dispatched to a West Kingsgate Drive address in response to a simple assault call. Upon arrival, officer were told by the victim that she and her husband, the suspect, had gotten into an argument about their living conditions. The victim stated she told the suspect to leave and proceeded to go up the stairs. The victim said that the suspect then grabbed her and threw her down upon the ground where she injured her head. The victim refused treatment and was advised of her rights.

• Dec. 25: A Fleenor Drive man advised police that he was receiving threatening telephone calls from his ex-wife’s boyfriend. The victims stated the suspect has allegedly threatened to come to his residence and shoot him.

• Dec. 26: A complainant at Fresenius Medical Services reported to police that someone had cut the telephone and cable TV lines to the business during the night. The complainant advised that she fears this may be a prelude to a burglary although the business is a dialysis business. The business was place on the property watch list.

• Dec. 26: a Rockford man advised Police that the license plate from his Jeep had been stolen. The complainant told police that his Jeep had broken down while he was driving on I/40-75 and that he had left the vehicle in order to get help. Upon his return to the vehicle he discovered the missing plate.

• Dec. 27: A North Campbell Station Road woman reported to police that she had been threatened by a Woodview Lane man over some material items that were exchanged by the victim and suspect. The victim also advised police that the man had made a threatening telephone call to the victim.

• Dec. 27: A local bank teller called police when she found a baggie containing a green, leafy substance stuck to a night deposit bag for a local pizza restaurant. The complainant stated she had begun to process the bag when she discovered the sandwich baggie stuck to the outside of the deposit bag. The bag contained about three grams of the substance. The complainant told police that the baggie was really stuck on the deposit bag and that she had to force the baggie from the bag so she could process the account. Officers are arranging to have the night box video sent to the area from Memphis where it is sent electronically.

• Dec. 27: A homeless man driving a 1995 blue Oldsmobile was arrested after being stopped for an equipment violation on Outlet Drive in Farragut. Following a records check, the arrestee’s license plate came back as having been stolen off a vehicle owned by a Lovell Road woman. The plate was turned over to the property division.

• Dec. 28: Officers were dispatched to a Peterson Road address in response to a domestic dispute complaint. While en route, officers encountered the victim in the 200 block of Peterson Road. The victim told officers she was separated from her husband, the suspect, and had invited him to Farragut for Christmas. The victim stated the suspect began drinking and then engaged in an argument with her. The victim added that she picked up the phone to call 9-1-1 and the suspect took away the phone and threw it. The victim stated she gathered up some clothing and her children then left the residence where she met officers. Officers were approached on foot by the suspect, a Georgia man, at the residence and placed him under arrest for public intoxication.

• Dec. 28: A Lenoir City man was arrested after a Kohl’s department store loss prevention employee observed him allegedly take a leather jacket and four pairs of blue jeans then leave the store without paying. The Kohl’s employee detained the suspect in the parking lot until officers arrived. Investigating officers took the suspect into custody and transported him to the Knox County Detention Facility.

• Dec. 28: A South Carolina couple reported to police that their vehicle had been struck by an unknown suspect’s vehicle causing damage while they were dining at the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Farragut. Officers reported the vehicle sustained significant damage to the truck bed and tailgate as well as damage to the right side of the attached travel trailer.

• Dec. 30: A Rosemont Boulevard woman reported to police that her purse had turned up missing after she had left it by a table at Sam and Andy’s restaurant in Farragut. The complainant stated that upon discovering she had left the purse, she called the restaurant to ask if they had it and was told that the restaurant did not have it. A witness came forward and reported that she observed an employee pick up the purse, cover it with a towel and take it to the back of the restaurant. The witness observed the employee left the scene a few minutes later. Restaurant management stated they called the employee and told him he was seen with the purse and that charges would not be placed if he brought it and its contents back. The purse was returned but the complainant states that her driver’s license and some makeup are missing.

• Dec. 31: Police were dispatched to a Crown Point Drive address in order to investigate the death of a male resident.

• Dec. 31: Police were dispatched to a North Watt Road site to investigate property damage to a tractor-trailer rig. The complainant stated that a truck driven by another driver who dropped his trailer and left the scene caused the damage. The complainant stated he did not feel any impact at the time.

• Dec. 31: An O’Connell Drive woman reported to police that the suspect, her husband, had violated an order of protection by coming onto her property, opening and closing the victim’s garage door while knowing the victim was present.

• Dec. 31: A Dean Hill Drive woman reported to police that she and her boyfriend were involved in a verbal argument. The victim told police that she and the suspect were in his vehicle talking about their relationship when he became agitated and ran a red light. Whereupon, the victim said she asked the suspect to take her home. The suspect refused and instead took the victim to his grandmother’s residence. The victim stated she got out of the suspect’s vehicle and walked to the intersection of Concord and Turkey Creek roads to await police.

• Dec. 31: A Blue Teal Lane resident advised police that several pieces of his wife’s jewelry were missing from the residence. The complainant stated that he and his wife were out of town and the house was secured with alarms most of the time. The victim stated that during a one-week period, his son had guests over at the residence. The victim said he believes one of his son’s guests took the jewelry. Police were able to gather a list of suspects from the son. The missing jewelry was valued at more than $12,000.

• Jan. 1: Police were dispatched to a Brampton Drive address in response to a domestic matter. Upon arrival, the complainant told officers that she and the suspect, her girlfriend, had been to a New Year’s Eve party and that the complainant said she wanted to leave. The complainant said her girlfriend was intoxicated and became upset when they arrived at the residence because they left the party. The suspect and victim then got into a verbal argument. When officers arrived, the suspect had fallen asleep. The complainant was advised of her rights.


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