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• My opinion on the four pictures you had in the [Through the Lens, Jan. 5 issue of] farragutpress regarding the trustworthy people, there are only two that we trust in political office: That is, [U.S.} Rep. John Duncan Jr. and Sheriff Tim Hutchison. Look what [Knox County Mayor] Mike Ragsdale did to the cost of car license plates; he hoodwinked everyone. And then extra costs on our license tags. Ragsdale is a closet Democrat. It’s time [Farragut] Mayor Edward Ford stepped aside and retired. His policies, that are made up by [Town community development director] Ruth Hawk, most are just downright stupid. He goes along with everything she wants to do. If you don’t believe he should retire, look at the empty buildings in Farragut; and he’ll soon put a property tax on us.

• I’d like to comment on the First Utility District sewage treatment plant on Concord Road. My wife and I have lived about a quarter of a mile from that plant over off of Red Mill, for 15 years. And up until last summer we never smelled an odor from that plant one time. And now it’s beginning to be a regular thing in our neighborhood. Plus, [you can smell it] as you drive down Concord Road in front of the plant. So, if they can’t handle the sewage they’re already processing down there without creating that kind of odor, I don’t know why they want to expand and start taking Loudon County’s sewage in? It’s just going to make people living out here in this part of Farragut, make it just impossible to have good, clean air or to be able to sell your homes with having to smell the sewer plant all the time.

• Truth is, I trust all of the elected officials [Though the Lens, Jan. 5]. Those that you showed [Ragsdale, Ford, Duncan and Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam] are tried and true. If we didn’t trust them, we wouldn’t re-elect them, would we? What I don’t like is the implication that they’re saying we’re stupid, the voters are stupid. If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s the liberal media, how they’re always trying to twist and turn things around to make other people look stupid and them look smart. I resent that terribly.

• This is in reference to the most trusted politicians. I would say, in this area, would be John Duncan and Mike Ragsdale.

• I am calling to report a bad experience I had with a popular department store. I bought a dishwasher from this store three months ago, and it broke [earlier in January]. This dishwasher came from a store in West Town Mall, and was the store’s popular name-brand. A repairman was supposed to show up on [a] Saturday, between 8 [a.m.] and noon, but never did. So I called the 800-number, as I was instructed to do, and spent over an hour-and-a-half on the phone with them. Something had gone wrong with their system, and they couldn’t get a man out to fix my dishwasher. I was put on hold more times than I can count, and my call was cut off once. I was not treated with respect, so I am going to return the item and go somewhere else. Just a warning: Always check with the [Better Business Bureau] or before purchasing anything.

• I was curious; is there anything that can be done about the sign at the corner of Campbell Station Road and Kingston Pike, the West Knox Chiropractic Group sign? They have had the temperature at 60 degrees the last two years.

• Farragut High School basketball, I have not noticed the farragutpress coverage regarding an article on the two seniors that quit the varsity team. That seems noteworthy, newsworthy. Something that could be put in the paper, inform the community. ... Just wondering why the CBFO basketball teams seem to do very well and win championships throughout over the years, they seem to be doing consistently very, very well. But, at the varsity high school level, there’s no championships for 10 years. It’s been 10 years since there’s been championship banners placed in the gym. Just wondering how it happens our players lose their skill? (Farragut’s varsity girls basketball team is the defending District 4-AAA Tournament champions, and twice tied Sevier County for the regular season district title earlier this decade. The FHS varsity boys won the District 4-AAA Tournament in 2001)

• Thank you to the individual who found and mailed back my son’s driver’s license. His wallet was stolen at Farragut High School and all contents were lost. I just want all parents to know that there has been some thievery going on at the school, along with wallets, calculators. So thank you to the individual who was out jogging, found it and kindly returned it to my son.

• We just wanted to say thank you to the Good Samaritan who helped our family out on Jan. 1. Our daughter was losing control of her bicycle on a hill, and fortunately you were paying attention to what was going on in the road and were able to see that and stop your vehicle in time in order to avoid a more serious accident. We just really appreciate that, we appreciate your help getting our bikes back to our house. Fortunately our daughter just needed a couple of stitches, and all is well. We just wanted to thank you. We have no idea who you are, except that you drive a silver truck.

• I watched “The Book of Daniel.” I thought it was a pretty good show, actually. I think the people who have a problem with it just shouldn’t watch it. It’s no big deal.

• What a coincidence that all the odor is coming now from the waste[water] area down on Concord Road, when just before Christmas they wanted to have a larger facility built there, and people balked, because really it needs to be done towards Loudon County where all of the need is. And now, suddenly, it smells bad. Isn’t that a coincidence? They’re doing that so that they can show people that there’s something wrong and they need to have a larger facility here. It seems very strange to me, and it just seems that they’re trying to force their issue, and remember it’s a privately-owned company, and they’re going to do what they want to, anyway. So, it’s funny, I’ve lived here five years and there’s never been any problem with odor, and suddenly now, it’s terrible.

• Regarding your question about “The Book of Daniel” [Jan. 12 Through the Lens], my wife and I watched the show, more than anything because of all the advertisements that were on, saying that it was about to be taken off the air, so we watched it and were quite surprised. We were entertained by it, much like you would [be] with a soap opera. Had we watched “Joan of Arcadia” and the “Oh God” movies before? Yes we did, and we enjoyed them both. We were wondering if the Episcopals were outraged because it portrayed them particularly very badly. My wife works with a woman whose husband is an Episcopal priest, and low and behold, they were very shocked and very angry over it. But all in all we thought it was very entertaining, we enjoyed it, and we’ll watch it again. So, I think it should have been shown, absolutely.

• “The Book of Daniel” is merely a worthless exhibition of vulgarity that would hardly be worthy of comment, except that it is part of a larger culture of negativism that threatens our civilization. Those who undermined Christianity by belittling and vulgarizing its most cherished symbols, wish to destroy the faith of others because of their own lack of faith. With programs like “The Book of Daniel,” they promote a mocking, purposeless, sneering view of existence. Unfortunately, this attitude is all too familiar, especially among members of Generation X, whose characteristic response to everything seems to be, “whatever.” In the monstrous negativism of the “The Book of Daniel,” there is simply a reflection of a selfish and sneering generation who seem to have no respect for their own civilization or for anything else. “The Book of Daniel” is a mocking secularization of Christian heritage, it possesses not one ounce of beauty or nobility. Programs like “The Book of Daniel” only hasten our decline into a barbaric condition of moral anarchy. The final result is the irretrievable loss of noble, moral and religious tradition, replaced by a destructive culture that is more concerned with the size of its plasma screens than the dimensions of its soul.

• I only know what I read and heard about “[The Book of] Daniel,” but decided to boycott WBIR and NBC because if they succeed with this, it’s only the beginning of smut in my opinion as we know it. My mind would rather enjoy a good book.

• I did see “The Book of Daniel,” I enjoyed it very much, I found it interesting and thought-provoking. I resented anyone trying to choose what I wanted to see. I’m a Christian, an active Christian, I’m 75 years old and I think I can make a wise choice about what I can see, and I intend to continue to watch it. I did see the “Oh God” movie, but I did not see “Joan of Arcadia.” I didn’t realize it was on. The “Oh God” movie was fine.

• We watched “The Book of Daniel” last Friday, and it was absolutely great, we thought it was funny and they should continue to broadcast stuff like that. It was an excellent show, very well done, and anyone narrow-minded enough to be offended by it was just ridiculous.

• I’m calling about the coverage of Dan Barile’s story concerning the groundbreaking of the new West Knox County high school over in Hardin Valley [Dec. 8 issue, front page]. The quotes from superintendent of schools [Dr. Charles Lindsey], who I believe is the highest-paid elected official in Knox County and who runs our school system of 52,000 children, identified the year that the school will be open “by two-O-eight.” I don’t know if the superintendent realizes, but we’re in 2006, today; during the groundbreaking it was 2005. And for him to advocate that the school will be open in the year “two-hundred-eight” is quite remarkable for someone who is supposed to be the leader of the educational system. Certainly, I would hope that Dr. Lindsey would be able to identify a year in a more appropriate manner — two-thousand-eight instead of two-O-eight.

• I would like to ask if anyone else has noticed the terrible smell coming from the wastewater treatment plant down near, off of Turkey Creek. I was wondering if there could be a write-up about what’s going on. It’s never smelled this bad, and in the past two months the smell is practically daily, and was wondering if there was a problem the residents should be aware of?

• Who do we trust? Certainly not Mayor Eddy (excuse me, I mean W. Edward Ford III) or his staff of “sign police.” Why? Since Aug. 2005, I and three other callers pointed out in [press]talk the illegal sign at the remodeled Pilot station on Campbell Station Road, which does not meet the Farragut sign ordinance requirement as a legal nonconforming sign. On Sept. 1, 2005, you reported in [press]talk that Farragut had filed a lawsuit against Pilot for this illegal sign. I have not been able to find anything in any public record as to this “supposed” filing, and obviously nothing has been done to require Pilot to come into conformance. Has there actually been a filing, or was this info just “smoke and mirrors” by Eddy and Company? It appears to this writer that the Farragut elected and appointed officials will not pursue Big Jim’s company, but they will do anything to stop [others]. By the way, how much money did Farragut spend on a losing lawsuit against John Fiser for the billboard signs at Stone Crest? So, does anyone wonder why Eddy is not considered by this [caller] as being “trustworthy.” Do your job against Pilot, Eddy!


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