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Master Jewelers craft customer satisfaction

If Patti Savage-Henderson and her husband, Rex, were ever given a proverbial sow’s ear, they would turn it into a silver-lined silk purse inlaid with rubies and other precious stones.

The Hendersons, owners of Master Jewelers, are celebrating close to two years of a growing business in Farragut.

“This is the no-worries jewelry store,” Patti said. “It’s an old-fashioned business with old-fashioned values.”

Patti is a third-generation master jeweler and serves as the goldsmith and designer for the business.

“I’d say probably about fifty percent of our merchandise has been made by me while the other half is bought,” she said. “People prefer the custom-made items because they know I make high quality work.”

Rex does a lot of ring-sizing, serves as an apprentice jeweler and handles a lot of the retail end of the business.

“My background is more in the heating and air conditioning business,” Rex said.

Patti said one of the aspects of their business that separates them from other jewelers are the contacts her family has developed. Since both her father and her uncle were jewelers, she said her family name is known and that allows her to purchase special stones that large retail chains might not be able to acquire.

One of the items in her inventory is an eight-carat African sapphire. When held side-by-side with a much smaller sapphire from a wholesale distributor, Patti said the color and clarity of the wholesale mineral pale in comparison.

“It looks like a piece of blue glass,” she said. “I’m a stone freak. I’m about knowing what they are and carrying the best.”

She said she also carries a madeira citrine, a specialty stone which runs approximately $500 per carat, as well as an African amethyst.

“I also carry orange sapphires,” Patti said. “Orange is a real popular color around here.”

Patti also specializes in jewelry design. She has turned watchbands into earrings. She said she has even turned a bear’s claw into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

“I can do almost anything,” she said. “I usually just tell people to give me a budget.”

Patti and Rex not only make and sell their jewelry, but they also educate the public about what to look for in the quality of their diamonds and other precious stones.

“Not all diamonds are the same,” she said. “We’ll let people take a look at our stones up close.”

Originally from Arkansas, the couple moved to this area in 1995.


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