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• I was just commenting on the Campbell Station [Road] situation, and I believe that that is a major problem that needs to be fixed now rather than later. Come voice your opinion at the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen [meeting on Jan. 26] at 7 o’clock if you think it’s as bad as a lot of us do. Grigsby Chapel also is becoming as bad as Campbell Station as well, and will only get worse as we have more developments brought in.

• Everybody in the Farragut community needs to get used to the wastewater treatment facility plant. When there are two 500 million gallon [inaudible], you’re going to smell it everywhere. So, you might as well get used to it. That’s their plan, and you’re going to smell it all the way from Louisville to Hardin Valley when they get finished with their expansion project.

• I’m calling in response to the traffic snarls [Through the Lens, Jan. 19] about Farragut Primary and the traffic surrounding it. I think the solution would be to buy the land right next to the school and turn it into a parking lot, and then have somebody redesign the traffic flow because it’s a mess. You’ve got people going in and out, different areas going in. It’s just a train wreck waiting to happen. They do have one little lady who works in the morning directing traffic. She’s tiny, you can’t even see her, so she doesn’t do a whole lot of good. They really need a couple of traffic people. But somebody needs to redesign the whole plan ‘cause something bad’s gonna happen. My kids just started school there — we were at Hardin Valley, and the headmaster’s out there every day helping with the traffic flow. So, maybe the headmistress at Farragut should get out there and help too.

• Most people call to complain about a business; I would like to compliment one. Even though Best Buy is a corporate nightmare, I have received two instances of the best, absolute service I have received from a large electronics store, within the past few weeks. The geek squad at Best Buy, the gentleman was very knowledgeable, very calm, and you can tell that he understood the situation, was very sympathetic. And also, their customer service, even though I had to wait a while on the phone, didn’t just simply dump me off to an extension. They asked for my needs and made sure that I was in the right area I needed to be speaking with. And I think it’s important that we compliment them. And that’s the Best Buy in West Knoxville. ... And I don’t work for them.

• Well, we were really amazed [one recent morning] to see that water rate increases are going into effect. Seven percent right away, and then two more 10 percent increases over the next five years. And imagine why? Because they say that water usage has declined. Now isn’t that funny, because we had been told over and over again to conserve water. And now they’re blaming lower usage, primarily because of more efficient appliances. So they’ve gotcha either way. We find water-conserving appliances, washers, dishwashers, being careful in the yard. And especially, they note, water efficient toilets. And now we have to pay more because of the lower usage of people. It doesn’t make much sense, does it, so why bother to cut down? And then it seems that also they’re going to be raising electric, gas and wastewater services, too. It’s all this same board that does this. I suppose that these board members will be getting bigger bonuses because of their great ideas. And I wonder, too — we’re always wondering — how they actually figure out inflation, because they don’t count food, they don’t count gasoline. And I suppose they don’t count utilities. Now that’s the bulk of everyone’s outlay. Just what do they count for inflation?

• I’m calling about the Farragut High School PTSO parent connection luncheon that is scheduled for Feb. 16. They have Karen Carson, 5th District Knox County School Board member. As a member of Farragut, I’m wondering why they have Karen Carson, who is not the school board member that represents the town of Farragut? I live in the town of Farragut, and would prefer to have my school board representative, Chuck James, there; and he has not been invited to the parent connection luncheon. These luncheons are held at the Fox Den Country Club at 11:30. The Farragut PTSO is having someone who is not even our elected official.

• If you think the double lane and a single lane on Campbell Station Road two or three times a day is bad, you should try to get out of Farragut Commons onto Grigsby Chapel [Road] at these times. You sit in the turn lane, which is very dangerous as well as illegal, until some considerate driver lets you in. Then, the straight-ahead lane is blocked by cars drifting from the right turn lane on to the straight-ahead lane. And cars from the two short left turn lanes block the straight lane, which is cut off and empty for a couple hundred feet. Traffic on Grigsby Chapel will only get heavier with all the new development coming into Parkside [Drive]. Unless something is done about this soon, we’ll be landlocked and won’t even be able to get out of our subdivisions on Grigsby Chapel.

• No, I don’t think that Knox County School Board will inform the people on the west side of town where the new lines will be drawn in regards to rezoning for the new high school, because they wouldn’t want to give those residents who already own a property in Farragut and whose children currently go to Farragut High School, that they won’t want to let us know that they will be rezoned and we’ll have to drive our children or have our children bused to the other side of town in order to attend high school. They don’t want to give us time to regroup or to gather our efforts together in order to fight such a proposal.

• I’m commenting on “The Book of Daniel” that was telecast Friday night, Jan. 6. I just wanted to tell you that I didn’t watch it. I’m a Christian and I didn’t even want to watch the show based on the advertisements for the show. That was enough for me. It portrayed God as this other person riding along. So, the advertisement was offensive enough for me not to even watch the show.

• I want to comment about Farragut basketball. The girls did a great job on [Friday, Jan. 13] against Lenoir City. They rebounded, they played defense, they actually scored. It was real refreshing to watch them. Watching the boys basketball team, it makes me wonder how a coach can go on … repeating the same mistakes over and over. In the first quarter, it was apparent the boys were not working, whatever they were doing was wrong. They did it second, third and fourth quarters. … I don’t understand how they can be striving for the bottom of the league that they are playing in.

• After reading presstalks from last week [Jan. 19 issue], I must say that [Farragut High School boys head basketball] coach [Donald] Dodgen was beaten up. Is Dodgen a great coach? Perhaps not, but how many great coaches are there around here? Maybe that coach at Bearden, [Mark] Blevins. Coach Dodgen knows so much about basketball and he’s such a fine person — that’s got to add up to him being a pretty good coach, doesn’t it? Hang in there, coach.

• I noticed in your paper that the director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory [Dr. Jeffrey Wadsworth] was there talking with the [Farragut West Knox] Chamber of Commerce [Tuesday, Jan. 10, at Fox Den Country Club]. And I just wanted to point out that ORNL really needs to step up and do something for its retirees. They’re spending a lot of money on facilities and so forth. They ought to take some time out and think about what they should be doing to maintain the pensions of the retirees, which now average less than 50 percent of what they were originally. Actually, the pension fund has the money to do it, it’s just a matter of the contractors in Oak Ridge, that is UT-Battelle and BWXT, stepping it up and using the money for retirees rather than for all sorts of benefits for the companies. And that’s what they’re doing, is spending the money themselves and not making any contribution to the pension fund for present employees or future employees. They’re not making any, haven’t made any since 1984. It’s not fair.

• I’m currently driving down Concord Road and wonder if I need to have a gas mask on. The odor coming from the sewer plant has gotten unbearable. I think the mayor and the aldermen need to get their act in gear and make sure that before any more development is done in this town, there’s infrastructure to handle the development. The infrastructure should include any kind of modifications required to make the sewer plant so that it doesn’t create a nuisance at any time of the year.

• I went to see “Lord of the Dance,” and it was amazing. The dancing, the music, the storyline of good versus evil, well worth the money. I hope they come back again. I know I’d go see it. Bravo, Michael Flatley.


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