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Reader supports FHS basketball

To think that two players quitting a high school team is newsworthy is ridiculous unless there are charges of abuse, and to my knowledge, this is not the case.

Players quit for different reasons. Some quit in order to devote more time to their school work or other outside activities, some in order to pursue employment, some to spend more time with their girlfriends and some because they have not earned playing time and donít like sitting on the bench. Whatever their reasons, the story is hardly newsworthy.

Also, to compare CBFO basketball and high school basketball is like comparing my grandmotherís apple pie to my first wifeís meat loaf. There is no comparison. In CBFO, you get placed on a team and you play. Everybody plays. You compete against other kids who practice usually an hour a week and play a Saturday game. If you are pretty good (or your dad coaches), you make the All-star team and compete against players with comparable skills. When you move on to the high school level, you compete against the best players from CBFO and other youth organizations just to make the team. If you are good enough to make the team, your work has just begun. In order to excel at this level, you have to be willing to work on your own to get stronger, faster, become a better shooter and understand the nuances of the game. A coach can only do so much. You have to be willing to develop your skills through extra work. Some kids never seem to understand this.

Lastly, the statement that Farragut has won nothing in the past ten years seems to be a personal attack on coach [Donald] Dodgen who, just by coincidence, has been the FHS coach for those ten years. How easily some forget the heartbreaking loss to Kingsport Dobyns-Bennett HS two years ago when we were seconds from going to the state tournament.

Farragut High School has a good basketball program. Could it be better? Certainly! Could our kids work harder to improve? Certainly! Could the program be any worse? Certainly! A whole lot worse.

David Smith

West Knox County


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