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FBMA quizzed on traffic

Farragut residents sought answers for their traffic woes during the regular Thursday, Jan. 26, meeting of the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

Residents packed into the room seeking answers for what they perceived as issues that should have been handled more than a year ago. They said the creation of new subdivisions is creating an increased traffic flow.

Mike Merginio, president of the Farragut Commons Homeowners Association, told board members the traffic situation at Grigsby Chapel Road is potentially life threatening.

“We have a growing concern about the Grigsby Chapel Road area,” he said. “We are asking that a three-way stop sign be placed in front of our district.”

Merginio said there have been several occasions when residents have barely avoided accidents turning on to Kingston Pike.

Mayor W. Edward “Eddy” Ford III made some inquiries of Merginio, such as time of worst traffic congestion, how the situation has changed in the past year and what suggestions he had to offer on the matter.

Michael Cain, another resident of the area, told of visibility problems on Windham Hall Lane. He also wanted to see the speed limit dropped along Grigsby Chapel Road.

Town engineer Darryl Smith said the 85th percentile determines the speed limit.

“I wouldn’t mind lowering the limit, but it’s generally understood it would be ignored,” he said.

The Board asked Smith to look into possible solutions for the matter, such as the feasibility of another traffic light along Grigsby Chapel Road. The light could be active during peak hours and become flashing yellow lights during off-peak hours.

Flashing yellow caution lights were much on the mind of Hickory Woods subdivision resident Harmon Stockhoff. He told the Board the large, yellow caution lights at the intersection of Smith Road and the Hickory Hollow subdivision shine directly into the back of his family’s home in the evening.

“The flashing, yellow lights do not go with my wallpaper,” Stockhoff said. “It’s really a nuisance.”

Ford asked Smith to look into the matter to see if there was a way to change the angle of the lights.

In other business, the board approved the nomination of Jerry Martin as municipal court judge to replace the outgoing judge, Tim Priest. Vice Mayor Mike Haynes told the Board Priest was leaving the position due to increased obligations in his private law practice.

The Board also:

• Approved a resolution accepting an update of all new public streets and street names.

• Reviewed a copy of the fiscal year 2006 Work Program.


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