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• I thought that “Brokeback Mountain” was a beautiful love story. You could hear a pin drop at the theater where I saw it. The two actors were marvelous. I didn’t see anything pornographic about the film. And I really dislike all the comments that I’ve heard from the TV press, so I advise everyone to go see it. It’s one of the best love stories I’ve ever seen in theater or the movies. And I started going to the theater in the 1930s.

• This is in response to the Through the Lens question [Jan. 26 issue about “Brokeback Mountain”]. Yes, I did see “Brokeback Mountain.” I thought it was very well done. The subject matter did not bother me, it’s no different than anything you’d see on TV such as on “Will and Grace.” I do not think the film industry has gone too far. The film was not pornography, it did not make me uncomfortable. It was a love story set in the early 1960s when the gay movement was not recognized.

• Why would we, the people of West Knoxville, vote for [H. Lee] Martin for the Knox County School Board, who sends his three children to private schools? Wake up West Knoxville. Surely we could do better and find someone [else]. ... It is extremely disappointing that an individual like iPIX’s Martin, who is so ill informed and underinvested in the Farragut school system, should be running for school board. Does this man ... know that Farragut High School offers more AP courses than any school in Knox County? Does he know that Farragut High School consistently ranks in the top 10 out of [more than] 500 schools in the state, scoring 97 and higher in math and 100 percent in science? Does he know that Farragut Middle School is similarly placed? Because this man has read an article on the Internet on reading buddies doesn’t make him an informed, vested candidate for school board. To say that Martin is underinvested is being kind. He has clearly no interest and no confidence in his local public schools. Putting Martin on the School Board is like letting the fox into the hen house. ... Let’s find a School Board candidate who is experienced with, involved in and committed to Farragut public schools. ... Let’s find a candidate who understands Farragut is desirable because of its schools.

• I was at the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen [meeting] last night and appreciated all the people that came out to talk about Grigsby Chapel Road. It’s a problem that needs to be fixed, and we hope that the Board and the mayor take this opportunity to do that.

• I’m real happy about the Kroger’s plans for the Kingston Pike and Campbell Station Road area, but I wish you would publish a map or a plat of the proposal that’s a little more legible to people like me. I am having difficulty reading any part of it. I’d appreciate if you’d kinda clear it up for us.

Editor’s Note: We can only publish that which is supplied to us.

• The town of Farragut’s video system on Channel 3 is a great addition for the town’s residents to find out what is going on or planned in the town of Farragut. However, it is very frustrating to try to follow or understand what discussion is taking place due to microphones not working, Board members not speaking out or speaking in a low voice to each other in levels that cannot be heard. The audience also has no idea what the items are on listings of deficiencies on many submissions. Many times the video drawing shown on the screen goes blank for several seconds. It would be very helpful to TV watchers as well as those in the audience if the Board members and administrators are aware of these problems and consider improving these areas to make the TV viewers and the in-house audience more aware of what is being discussed.

• No offense to the caller in last week’s paper, but I think it’s funny when the editors of farragutpress allow the name of a business to be printed in the paper when something good is said about that business. However, when somebody calls in to complain about the business and warn readers about them, the store name is not printed.

• In regard to the “Brokeback Mountain” film, I think before you go to a movie or read a book or use the Internet or watch TV, you need to be informed. Everybody was told what the movie was about, and if this interests you, go see it. If it doesn’t, don’t. The same with the program of “The Book of Daniel.” It’s very interesting, very well done, and it is a neat way of looking at each person’s idea of a personal religion. The most popular series right here in good old Knoxville is “Desperate Housewives.” And I’m sure that if you’ve ever tuned into that, it’s pretty racy. So, I’m not sure pornographic is a way to describe the movie. I just think we need to be informed, as I said before. ... The other thing is I am excited about the Kroger plans for Kmart. It’ll be great to see something there, and it sounds like a really good idea. ... The other thing is, I was wondering what is going on with the baseball field at Farragut High School? It looks like these curtains that are made out of plastic or something are all torn and tattered and falling down, and I was wondering if this is going to be fixed because it is an eyesore?

• I just wanted to comment on “Brokeback Mountain.” It was a wonderful film with an excellent love story, and I am glad it was playing at Regal Cinemas.

• I was just calling about “Brokeback Mountain.” I was really, really concerned about that movie, to know that kids are going in to see that not knowing about the content. I really do think the film has gone too far.

Editor’s Note: With as much publicity as the film has garnered, it is hard to conceive the thought that anyone would be unaware of its storyline. Considering the film carries an “R” Restricted rating, which requires children under 17 to be accompanied by an adult or adult guardian, it is the parents’ responsibility to educate their children as to the content of a film and to censor their attendance. Regal Cinemas urges parents to learn more about a film before taking their children to it.

• I am writing in response to the Jan. 19 “Through the Lens” question regarding the traffic snarls on Campbell Station Road. As the parent of a child at Farragut Primary, I have been a witness — almost victim on the “one-lane turned two” many times. Unfortunately, parents have limited space in the pick-up/drop-off areas on Campbell Station Road. Since we are not permitted to enter the bus lane (rightfully so) or staff parking area, there simply is not enough “pavement” to wait on. Therefore, we are forced to take a chance and wait on the side of the road. In the morning, people seem to be more aware of the speed zone. However, in the afternoon all bets are off. Waiting parents really are “sitting ducks” with nowhere to go should a dump truck or hurried citizen decide to accelerate to get ahead of the pack in the left lane. The solution? First, make sure the school zone caution signal flashes in the morning and at each dismissal time. Farragut Primary has two — [one] at 1 p.m. and [another at] 2:45 p.m. Some people may not be aware of the split dismissal schedule in the afternoon. Secondly, a stronger police presence with the disbursement of a sufficient number of citations for those who violate speed limits should create an immediate awareness where it hurts in the pocketbook. As far as the high school zone is concerned, I have witnessed more than one student bolting across the road from the shopping center AND also by the library/Village Green area where school athletes in groups of 10 or more cross the road in heavy traffic. I hope it will not take the death or injury of a student, school staff member or parent before these zones of concern are addressed. Marked pedestrian zones should be available at any point of approved “walking” entry into each school. I know of one “zone” in place in the Kroger area. Additional crossing zones on Campbell Station Road should be added and/or enforced immediately before it’s too late.


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