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• I’m calling about the response by the wastewater treatment facility in Farragut off Concord Road that was in the farragutpress [recently]. They’re not being honest with the public. These smells have been there more than just a few weeks. They have been there a few months. They have been there since at least early fall. And there is not somebody doing illegal dumping all of this time, causing this problem. Who do we contact to oversee and come in and monitor this treatment facility so that they will be honest and forthcoming and fix this problem?

• I live in Andover. We, too, have noticed more and more traffic. We might have to wait a minute or so to turn right on Smith Road at certain times of the day. But I’m not complaining about this. What I’m complaining about are the people that want to put a stop sign in front of every subdivision. It is ridiculous. I’ve never seen more than two cars waiting to come out of the subdivision at even the busiest of times. The wait is less than at any stop light. Rather than make the majority stop and wait on you, be a little patient and wait your turn.

• I just finished reading the Feb. 2 paper, and I have two comments for you: One is regarding your [Feb. 2 Through the Lens] question about the new Kroger expansion. Yes, I think it’ll be a good improvement to the town. The second thought, I was wondering — sarcastically, of course — if the same people who were jumping all over [Farragut Mayor] Eddy Ford three years ago when Kmart closed are now going to be congratulating him on the fact that Kroger is going to be redeveloping the area. The second thing is, I just drove down Campbell Station [Road on a recent morning] about 7:45, and noting the [Jan. 26 Through the Lens] about the supposed problem people have turning on to Campbell Station. I just kept my eyes open to see how big the problem was, and I saw zero automobiles attempting to turn onto Grigsby Chapel [Road].

• I’m calling in regard to a comment from an individual who pointed out that “Desperate Housewives” is the No. 1 program in Farragut. The fact that something is popular does not make it good or right. The majority of children in the United States are born out of wedlock. Most teenagers have experimented with drugs or alcohol by the time they are 15. A majority of men and women commit adultery at some point in their marriages. Only a cynical society would approve these actions because they are commonplace. And only a callous public would approve of the offensive programs and films that are currently appearing because they are popular. The more popular these programs become, the more we should oppose them. It is not always popular to do the right thing.

• In [last week’s] Feb. 2 paper, regarding the [presstalk] on the orange flashing lights on Smith Road. ... The light shines directly into our family room, the continuous orange flashing light.

• Has anyone else noticed how Farragut doesn’t take down their Christmas banners until the end of January, five or six weeks after Christmas? These are the same people who rip our garage sale signs down seconds after we put them up. Where are they for the five or six weeks after Christmas? I guess they are just resting on their laurels drinking coffee and waiting for us to have a garage sale.

• I’m calling about the [Through the Lens question] in the farragutpress [Feb. 2] on the new Kroger. I think it’s a great idea. It’s sad to have Farragut to have a shopping center in the state it’s currently in. And I’m very happy. My answer to the questions are yes to everything. It will be a large improvement, and the sooner it’s done the better. It’s sad to see such a shopping center in Farragut the way it looks now.

• I’m just wanted to talk about Farragut’s policy on signage for retail and commercial institutions. I like the idea of having the low signs. The high signs that Farragut doesn’t support I agree with a hundred percent. I would like to see the stores further away from the street. Anyone that’s been over to Hilton Head Island [S.C.], I think that’s great, for you can’t really see the stores and the parking lot from the street. If Farragut can do that, that would be an improvement.

• Tragically, a 16-year-old was killed in an automobile accident [last week]. My heart and prayers go out to the family. This is a terrible loss for our community. This is not the first tragedy of this type. Ironically, [Knox County Schools superintendent] Dr. [Charles] Lindsey is proposing to cut driver’s education. I’ve heard of an educated fool, but he takes the cake. We need to cut Dr. Lindsey and save driver’s ed.

• Once again, I am so disappointed in Alan Sloan. He shows such favoritism in his pictures for the Lady Admirals it has drove me to cancel my subscription to your paper. There are so many girls on this team, look back he has featured only 5-6 players. ... Your favoritism has not gone unnoticed, [others] even mentioned this the other night at the game and is also disappointed in your paper. So keep up your good work.

• Back in August, boys in the Farragut area answered an ad in your paper for tryouts for the Farragut Middle School baseball team. Cuts were made and many talented players were sent packing. Since the team was picked, parents of other boys not making the cut have called the coach and asked that their sons be able to practice with the team. This was allowed by the coach. Then these boys were placed on the team when a second team was formed. Suddenly appearing on the team were boys that were not even at the original tryout. I don’t understand the purpose of the tryout to begin with if a phone call gets your son on the team. I also do not understand the affiliation with Farragut Middle School. Upon checking with the school, they do not have a baseball team and said that no one should be using their name. If the school is going to allow their name to be used, I think they should check into how this team is being handled. There should be rules and guidelines in place just as there are for the other middle school teams. Politics seems to be controlling this team and the coaches are not being held accountable to run a fair and equal opportunity ball team. This appears to be the norm across the board in the town of Farragut.

• In response to your comments in the Editor’s Note [Feb. 2 issue], that it’s hard to conceive the thought that anyone would be unaware of the storyline of the movie “Brokeback Mountain.” I read presstalk religiously, and I go to movies on a pretty regular basis, and I have no idea what “Brokeback Mountain” is all about, and I have read presstalks the entire way through and I still have no idea what “Brokeback Mountain” is about. So, to say that as much publicity as the film has garnered, it’s hard to conceive the thought that anyone would be unaware of the storyline is just not a true comment.

Editor’s Note: Well, the film garnered four Golden Globe awards and received eight Oscar nominations including “Best Picture,” “Best Actor,” “Best Supporting Actor” and “Best Supporting Actress,” and yes, it’s still hard to conceive that someone wouldn’t know about the storyline of the film.

• I’m calling in response to the new development in Farragut. I think it’s great, but the problem is Turkey Creek is growing too strong. Farragut lost out a long time when that Wal-Mart should have been the Super Wal-Mart on Kingston Pike. And, you know, we’re just going to continue losing more and more businesses to Turkey Creek, which, shame on us. But that’s how it is. The businesses are over there, and all the other businesses in Farragut have suffered ever since.

• I’d like to commend the city of Farragut for the beautiful parks that we have. I’ve noticed the people use the parks, especially Campbell Station, the people are out there with their pets. It’s nice to see that. However, the one thing I’ve noticed is that there doesn’t seem to be anybody using any kind of receptacle for their pets. It’s a shame to see that there’s a mess out there all the time. I really wish these people would pick up after their pets. It’s a shame, and I think it’s time they started picking up. Come on people, let’s pick up after our dogs and leave the beautiful parks the way they should be.

• I’d like to say that I’m thrilled about the development of the old Kmart building. It’s exciting to see some attention finally being played to Kingston Pike. For a while it appeared that all the development and exciting things happening were happening in Turkey Creek while Kingston Pike became more stagnate and unattractive. I think this will be a real plus for Farragut, and I think we need to pay as much attention to the Kingston Pike area as we can.

• I was quite shocked at the comments in the presstalks [Feb. 2] about [H. Lee] Martin, who is running for the Knox County School Board from Farragut, about the fact that he has children in private schools. I find it bizarre that someone would call in so ill-informed about the fact that there is already, in their words, “a fox in the hen house,” with Karen Carson, West Knoxville’s school board member [District 5], who has a child in private education ... as I understand she still has a child, which is not being educated within the school district. So, in the words of the other caller, there is already “a fox in the hen house.” Mr. Martin [would] bring business experience that the board is lacking, except for the service of Dr. Dan Murphy, who does have business experience.

• I would like to express my concern regarding the Boyd Station Road intersection that the railroad overpass is located. It is my understanding the railroad is responsible for maintaining the overpass, but who is responsible for maintaining the road? The road is falling apart at this three-way intersection. I travel this road several times a day and there is not enough room for two cars to pass under this bridge. Most vehicles don’t stop and the road is taking a beating from all the local construction companies hauling equipment through it. This underpass has blind spots and is extremely dangerous to pass through. If the town of Farragut is responsible for paving and maintaining this road, what is taking them so long to address it?


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