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Wow! Valentine’s ‘week’ wrapped around Olympics

There’s something about Valentine’s week that can make a reasonably intelligent person downright fidgety. Or so I’ve heard. Excuse me while I take a break and try to figure out a nervous twitch in my right hand.

Perhaps it’s a double dose of reality and the aftermath of the holidays. We’re in the midst of a cold spell and heating costs are up about 30 percent. Plus, credit card bills have a knack for finding a mailbox at the absolute worst time.

With apologizes to my good friend Ron Tilley, doesn’t anybody have some good news for a change?

I’m ready to be pleasantly distracted by something unusual, like the XX Olympic Games in Torino. You know that’s in Italy, right? Somebody the other day on TV guessed that Torino was in Canada. They must have been thinking about Toronto.

That sort of geographical blunder is understandable in my book, especially if a hearing aid is not working properly. (Of course, I am still waiting for the Gran Torino to roll off the assembly line in Detroit, too.)

In case you haven’t heard, this Olympiad is being contested through Feb. 26. This sort of public service announcement is hardly necessary because of an avalanche of promos on NBC.

Not to mention 200 hours of actual coverage and what might seem like 2,000 hours of actual re-hashed coverage.

Bet you can’t wait to see the thrilling biathlon finals, can you? Does anyone else have a hard time with the concept of grown men and women rushing around with rifles and defenseless animals not being involved? Are these athletes or athletic snipers?

OK, so I’m starting to sound like Red Neck Chuck. My bad. I realize a lot of the Winter Olympic action will be worth watching.

My list includes anything involving a ski slope or skating rink, mostly stuff I can’t do because I tend to look like a giraffe on a pair of skis or skates. I might even take in a little snowboarding, too.

Other than that, it’s a safe bet that overnight ratings are not going to reflect a great deal of worldwide interest.

Some nights, you might as well take Forrest Gump’s advice and see what’s in a box of chocolates.

Guess what? That’s the most interesting thing I found at Here’s the only problem: These chocolates look like an alien’s head has been attached to a Beanie Baby.

The shock is temporary. Scroll down and the description of the official XX Olympic chocolates is enough to make your mouth water:

“Creamy, soft and velvety, they give the palate delicious notes of sweet harmony.”

Jealous? Darn right, I am. Other than “armony,” that’s great writing. And a gift box only costs 19, 8C.

As soon as I put down my $15 coffee cup from the Athens Olympics and $10 toboggan from Lake Placid, I’ll have to figure out how much that will cost the next time I check out e-Bay.

Meanwhile, you also can find a Winter Olympic home page at Now where is that remote control?

Somebody said another re-run of “Sex & The City” is coming on … it is Valentine’s week, you know.

Award-winning columnist huck Cavalaris writes a twice monthly column for farragutpress and can be reached at 865-769-9295 or


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