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ē The caller that said Knox County Schools are the best of the worst [Feb. 23 issue] obviously is not familiar with Knox County SAT scores. Does the caller even have a child in the Knox County Schools? Additionally, Iím thrilled to see that Mr. Dillon has first-hand experience with a child in Knox County Schools. He appears to be an excellent candidate.

ē I was calling in response to the other calls about the parent at Farragut Intermediate School who has been directing traffic for the middle and intermediate schools. This is not a parent, but is in fact Larry Danner, the band director at Farragut Middle School. Heís been doing a great job and deserves some recognition.

ē I find it interesting that the talk on the street around Farragut is about the Campbell Station Road extension. Seems like a lot of people around here seem to think that our mayor, Mayor [W. Edward] Ford [III] has a lot of property that is surrounding that area; if so, he seems to gain a great deal financially by the development that is planning to go on in that area. Seems to me like it would be a good thing for public relations if the mayor would address that issue. Also, it would kind of be interesting if the farragutpress did a little investigation just to make sure everythingís on the up-and-up. Kinda looks to me like, maybe if it turns out to be a thing that the mayorís property does border this, maybeís thereís a little bit of funds there that have gone awry. I have a feeling, if thatís the case, maybe some of this money should have been used for other things instead of personal gain. A lot of questions, a lot of people out thereíd like to see the answers. So, maybe somebody can call in and straighten it out? I canít find any plats on the area, so I donít know. Maybe the press can find out? Iíd like to know.

Editorís Note: Mayor Ford has addressed this issue on several occasions and has indicated that he does not own any land within 1,000 feet of the Campbell Station Road extension.

ē Two questions for a past caller: Does the [recent] 10-game win streak of the Farragut boys basketball team mean that [head coach] Don Dodgen is now a coaching genius, or did he just happen to know more than we did when he said this was a young team that would mature as the season progressed? Number two: Why was no mention made of the two senior girls recently quitting the girlís team at Farragut?

ē Iíve noticed on the east side of Lovell Road, where Parkside Drive turns into Peters Road, one of the car lots there on what I call the Parkside motor mile, has a sign on the road where the car dealership has adopted a mile to clean up. That is the most littered stretch of road we have in or near Farragut, and itís just horrendous the trash that lines both sides of that road. If these motor vehicle businesses are going to put up stakes there, they need to keep that place clean. It looks like Clinton Highway, itís trashy.

Editorís Note: Signs designating Adopt-a-Mile areas are granted when a company or group agrees to pick up trash twice a year. The responsibility for the rest of the year is with local government.

ē I wanted to comment about communication between parents and staff at the Farragut schools. I think itís wonderful how well they present themselves and how well they offer the tools for the parents.

ē I wanted to correct the article about edlines that was printed in the school [section of] farragutpress paper on Feb. 23. Farragut Middle School is not the only public school that uses that system. Karns High School also uses edline along with a weekly e-mail system of announcements directly to parents. As a parent I love the usage of edlines, it has helped me stay on top of my children and be instructed on how well theyíre doing in school, and it has decreased the amount of time that has taken out of the teachersí schedules to communicate with me. ... Is Farragut High School going to advance the technology and offer the same communication tools to parents that Karns High School does? I realize that edlines costs approximately $2,400 annually for the system. But I feel that to help the communication between parents and teachers and administrators, that it is worth the $2 more dollars that parents might have to pay in annual school dues to cover that cost.

Editorís Note: Our story referenced schools in the coverage area of farragutpress of which Karns is not.

ē This is in regards to the people [calling] in about the man who directs traffic at the Farragut Middle School and Farragut Intermediate School in the mornings. That man is Mr. Danner, the band teacher at Farragut Middle School. And it is great that he does help out with the traffic because it is such an issue in the mornings. But it is also disgraceful that a man, an educated teacher, has to help out with traffic. This issue should be handled by Knox County Schools, and I think that it is a disgrace they donít do something about it. Here we are in a situation, the traffic is so bad that a band teacher has to go down there and direct it every morning. I think this is something that the Knox County Schools should address and address soon.

ē†I am a dedicated reader of the Farragutpress and look forward to getting my copy each Thursday. Your story about the wreck on Sunday night was accurate. Good job! After reading your article, it became apparent to me that you think we live in a utopian society. I am appalled that you gave the exact address of Heather Paul. In case it never dawned on you, there are people who read the paper looking for opportunities to prey upon others. I know this to be true be-cause it happened to me right here in Knoxville about two years ago. If you would like additional verification that this type of criminal activity does indeed occur, please call the Knox County Sheriffs Department at 865-215-2432. I believe that you would experience an epiphany if you knew how many people are taken advantage of because of something that is printed in the paper. Next time, letís be a little more cautious of giving out too many details that really do not matter to the overall story.


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