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Friday night the dining room at Fox Den Country Club was the a beehive of activity as more than 200 Farragut Unsung Navy or F.U.N. members, their spouses and guests gathered at the request of the town of Farragut leadership to be recognized for their unselfish contribution to the town.

What a thrill it is to see this many people who volunteer ó and that means with no monetary compensation ó their time to help make your town a better place to live.

Foremost on the list of volunteers are those who have earned the rank of Admiral.

This list is short because in order to be a member of this exclusive town club, a minimum of 3,000 volunteer hours must be served. Three thousand hours. Thatís about 60 hours a week on a 52 week year.

Itís hard to imagine that these folks, who have retired from the everyday workforce, are not off sipping cool drinks in the shade of a palm tree somewhere. Instead, they are reporting to Town Hall five and sometimes six days a week to keep a vital part of the town going ó the Farragut Folklife Museum.

Doris and Charlie Owens, Bill Dunlap and now, Roberta Jones (see Page 1 picture) work tirelessly to maintain the museum with the help of many volunteer docents while Francis Abel and her volunteer staff man the town gift shop.

Itís incredible.

So, hatís off to these unsung shipmates and for our sake, keep up the good work.


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