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• I’m calling about the beggar consistently at the Campbell Station exit who is wearing the Redskins jacket. I followed Redskins boy up the hill to the convenience station. Watched him hit up people that were pumping gas for additional money, complain to the operator of the station — the operator of the station’s been trying to run him off. Redskins boy has come in with a wad-full of cash. He bought a 24-pack and two adult magazines. That’s what he’s doing with your cash. Whoever is feeding Redskins boy, it’s like feeding the bears at the [Great] Smoky Mountains National Park. Please stop feeding the bears. So for all the people with brains who have not been feeding Redskins boy, thank you very much. For the brainless and the bleeding-heart liberals who have been feeding Redskins boy, please stop.

• After hearing of the sheriff’s [officer] shooting [Tuesday, Feb. 28] in Concord Park, at The Cove, I am reminded of the Mexican silent revolution bringing their drugs, their gangs, their prostitutes, their false religion into this country to take it over. They’ve already won in California. Are you all gonna let ’em win here in Tennessee?

• Now that we know that our county school superintendent, Dr. [Charles] Lindsey, is leaving, I think it’s time to start the discussion on how we’re going to go about the process of selecting our next superintendent. I want to make sure that the full community has input into the process of Dr. Lindsey’s replacement.

• Is there a reason that the lights at Parkside [Drive] and Campbell Station [Road] now have a ridiculously short timing on them? I was the third car in line to cross Campbell Station and had to run blatantly red lights to make it across.

• I think people should be aware that it is not only Farragut Intermediate School and [Farragut] Primary School that have had traffic problems. The teachers at Cedar Bluff Intermediate School have had to add 40 extra days, morning and afternoon, of duties to direct traffic due to the new construction of Cedar Bluff Elementary School. This is in addition to their five weeks of bus duty and they are walking kids to the bus every day. And the teachers do not get paid any extra for this; and if people realized how much extra teachers do, they maybe wouldn’t be so quick to complain in the future.

• I would like to join the appreciation for Mr. [Larry] Danner that’s directing traffic at [Farragut] Intermediate and Middle schools, with the parent that last week mentioned what a great job he was doing. In all the years I’ve been taking my children through that school he’s absolutely the best thing that’s happened to the traffic.

• I’m calling in reference to what I read [recently] about the stretch of road on the Parkside auto drive that Land Rover of Knoxville is to keep up. And I, too, would like to voice that it is filthy. It was so funny, because I travel that road every day that the caller said, because I’ve been noticing that now for two months and it is really dirty. And then you see the signs. I’m not a citizen of Farragut; you all probably are. You should push Land Rover of Knoxville to clean that up, because they should keep it clean if they are going to advertise that as a PR move, obviously, to make themselves look better. And it’s not helping.

• I find it interesting to read about the most business-friendly city award to Farragut. Has anyone asked the business people how easy it is to set up a business? How easy it is to get a sign in front of their business? Has anyone asked if the people who live in the town, if they’ve noticed any new business moving into town? I still think the criteria by which our town was judged might give a false sense of how good our town is.

• Yes, as a long-time resident of the Farragut community, I just wanted to comment on the traffic situation everyone’s talks about on Campbell Station Road at the middle [sic] school. This problem could be resolved if just about half of the parents would have their children ride the bus instead of each one being personally chauffeured to school.

• I’m curious as to whether on not it is legal or against ordinances for a man to be pedaling coats of fur on the side of the road in Farragut, using the Regal Cinemas’ abandoned parking lot as a store for his merchandise. This is not “The Beverly Hillbillies.”

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