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• I’m calling regarding the traffic problems around Farragut Primary School. I have a kindergartner that I drive to school. My older children do ride the bus, but I will not yet allow my 5-year-old to ride, therefore I leave early and fight the lines every day. However, there must be a better way. I believe the crossing guard may be a part of the problem. At 8:24 a.m. [recently] as I was leaving school the guard had just arrived. The guard does a great job of letting the buses and staff into the lot, but does nothing for the general flow of traffic around the school. Unfortunately [when] the guard stops traffic to allow one car to exit or enter the lot, he causes the backup to worsen on Grigsby Chapel [Road]. In cases where the guard is absent, the line seems to run more smoothly. I’ve never seen a problem with drivers blocking a bus’s entry into the lot. I called Knox County Schools with my concern, and I was told crossing guards are trained by the Sheriff’s Department. I was told that she is partially paid from FPS funds, and that the principal helps determine in what way the guard is utilized. Maybe the guard could arrive earlier and work more with keeping the lines moving. ... Farragut Primary School needs to find a better way to utilize the crossing guard for the flow of traffic for the entire community.

• I’m calling about the Virtue Road hazardous [situation]. It’s my opinion that people should drive according to the road conditions, not adapt the road to their driving conditions. Typically, adults are supposed to accept responsibility for their own actions. They should drive Virtue Road the way it is laid out now, not have us to go to the expense of spending money to redo roads because they don’t like it being that way.

• I’m calling regarding Virtue Road [being] so hazardous. “[Through the Lens said] Would like to see police patrols stepped up”? I have never seen police patrol it. People are going way too fast on the roads. If they would patrol it, maybe we could have a lot less wrecks.

• I saw a comment in the presstalk, and I quote: “I was the third car in line to cross Campbell Station, and had to run blatantly a red light to make it across.” You don’t have to run red lights. People in this part of town are killing me. Everybody tries to make it in, under the red light, and they do run red lights. And I guess they feel like their time is so much more valuable than everybody else’s. Why don’t we all just obey the traffic laws, we’ll cut down on accidents and everyone will get where they need to go. If you’re in that big a hurry, just leave a few minutes early.

• In regards to this Virtue Road, if they stepped up patrol and staggered maybe once or twice during the week, and people not knowing when the cops are going to be there, and start issuing some heavy citations, I think that would probably take care of your speeding.

• It’s springtime and it’s circus time in Tennessee, in Knoxville, and I would like everyone to consider the treatment of the animals before they consider buying their tickets to the circus. Especially the treatment of the Asian Elephants, it’s currently an endangered species and these elephants forced to be chained most of their day, they’re confined and they’re forced to perform. And we need to think about the treatment of the animals and what we’re paying these circus people. The people have a choice for their performance, but these animals do not and they are not well treated. Please consider the treatment of the animals before you purchase your circus tickets. They are treated inhumanely, they are forced to do things that are not natural. They need to be in their own habitat. They need to be free and let go.

• I’m calling regarding Virtue Road. I think one of the main hazards on Virtue Road is the trees that line it. My recommendation would be that the county remove all the trees, put in guard rails, perhaps some street lighting down the road to make it safer. Or, at least, new striping along the sides of the road that will be reflective at night. But I do believe guard rails are needed, and the trees should be taken away. I think that’s where people have the greatest danger, banging into those trees.

• I would just like to concur about the traffic light situation on Parkside and Campbell [Station Road], as well as several other traffic lights. It seems like they have gotten shorter as the camera situation here in Knoxville [evolves]. It’s almost entrapment. If we can’t pay our state taxes, or have difficulty paying our taxes, is this how they’re going to get the money from the citizens, by rigging these traffic lights and setting up cameras? It’s almost like a quota with a trooper on a speeding ticket. But I appreciate this opportunity to vent and tell you how I feel.

• I live in the Tanglewood subdivision in Loudon County, and the farragutpress asked the question, “Should traffic patrol be stepped up regarding Virtue Road?” The traffic patrol’s almost non-existent in Farragut because Farragut’s made the decision to save money by not having a police presence. One possibility, of course, would be to cut down all the trees bordering Virtue Road and the young people will fly down that road and could end up being in the golf course area, possibly running over golfers. A police presence needs to take place in Farragut. Farragut needs to step up and provide police protection. I think everyone knows this to be the case.

• I’m calling about the person who made a comment about the short traffic light at Campbell Station and Parkside Drive, that they had to blatantly run a red light to make it across. You had to? You had to? Tell me, who made you? Were you not the person behind the steering wheel? Was it not your foot on the gas? You ran the red light and you made a choice — that choice could have ended in a really bad accident with someone getting hurt. Be smart. The lights are short, live with it. Go a different way. But that’s the way it is.

• I was just curious as to why the classified section on the online version of the farragutpress has said “Coming Soon” for the past year-and-a-half?

Editor’s Note: Our classified ads are available for viewing on our Web site.

• I just picked up my [farragutpress] out of my little mailbox and I opened it up to the comments in presstalk, and I was very dismayed to see that racism and religious bigotry is apparently alive and well in Farragut. That we have someone here in our community who apparently, I’m sure, calls himself a Christian, who has decided to blame all of the woes in our community and in our nation upon the Hispanic community. Before you start spouting your ignorant, nasty, horrible remarks about a group of people, you might want to check some facts. No. 1, there were drugs and murder and rape and vandalism and all sorts of horrible crimes in our community long before the Hispanic community started entering East Tennessee. And if you actually go pull some Sheriff’s reports, you might want to see that most of the violent crimes, like Scott Loveday’s murder, Joe Riding’s murder, Liz and Carol Dotts’ murder, these were committed primarily by white people, W-H-I-T-E, white people. So, you know, I’m white, I can say this. ... Two of the people who murdered my parents were card-carrying Baptists. They weren’t Mexican or “false religion,” which I’m assuming you meant was Catholic. So, you know, [if] you want to bring hatred into the community, keep it in your house.

• This is in reference to the person who called in earlier about the lights at Parkside [Drive] and Campbell Station Road. I agree that the lights are short, but I don’t think he should blatantly run red lights to make it across. He’s going to kill himself or someone else.

• I’m calling in regards to the [presstalk] comment that was printed in the farragutpress about Mexicans immigrants coming to the United States. I find it very offensive and very disturbing that they would print ignorant material in the farragutpress. I am a Mexican American, my family lives here in Farragut, very, very well, respected people in the community. I would appreciate it if such ignorance were not in the farragutpress, as it says in the rules of the paper.

Editor’s Note: Even the ignorant should have a voice. How can we learn whom to educate if you refuse to allow them to voice their concerns? Not talking about an issue doesn’t make it go away.


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