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Fleenor opens new Knoxville central station

Fleenor Security Systems hosted a special gathering Thursday, March 9, at its Cogdill Road office to inaugurate its new $500,000 central monitoring station.

Mike Fleenor, company owner, said changes in the fire regulations prompted the creation of this system.

“We’d been thinking about doing this for a while,” he said. “Then the new regulations came along and gave us the motivation we needed to jump off the boat and do this.”

Fleenor said this central station is the first of its kind in Tennessee and one of 400 across the state.

The facility was created on the back of the existing business, which has been in existence since 1997. Security access to the facility is limited to authorized personnel only, Fleenor said. A magnetic key card is required to enter the center.

The central monitoring station employees 12 people and handles more than 1,000 alarm signals per day, said Karen Sullivan, station manager.

“An alarm is different than a situation requiring operator intervention,” Sullivan said. “We handle approximately one hundred and eighteen operator intervention cases per day.”

Fleenor said there are many benefits of the central station in East Tennessee.

“There are many advantages to having your alarm system monitored by an approved local company,” he said. “The response time is faster as employees handle fewer calls than national call centers. Because we handle fewer calls, we can provide more personalized service by asking more questions and follow up with police instead of just doing the minimum to process the call and moving on to the next one.”

Fleenor said because of the low operator to call ratio, the central station response time is 50 percent faster than the Underwriter Laboratories requirement.

“We also offer the FleeNet wireless monitoring system,” he said.

This feature requires no cellular or phone service to participate. The alarm systems can still be monitored without any lines.

Fleenor said the facility has the capacity to expand andquadruple its staff, should the need arise.

Knox County officials were on hand for this event and said they were excited about what the new central monitoring system meant for the county.

“This is the kind of company I’d like to say would be welcomed anywhere,” said Knox County Mayor Michael Ragsdale. “What really sustains us as a community is the small business. This is a half-a-million dollar investment that will add twelve jobs to our community.”

“I really think this is a good addition to our community,” said Craig Leuthold, Knox County District 5 B commissioner. “We are always pleased to see local businesses do well.”


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