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• March 6: Police responded to a 9-1-1 call from a Byron Lane resident who stated that the victim, a Canton Hollow Road woman, was at his residence getting her belongings and began to chase and yell at him. The victim was staying with the Byron Lane man and his girlfriend for a while until she could get on her feet. The victim has been gone from the residence for a month. The victim stated that the suspect pushed her and slapped her during the argument. The victim did have some redness on the right side of her face. The suspect stated that the victim never came upstairs where he was. The victim was in the basement where her belongings were and the argument took place with him at the front door and in the yard.

• March 7: An Arlington Drive man reported to police that his wife witnessed their next-door neighbor’s pit bulldog chase a neighborhood boy by their house on his way to the school bus stop. The complainant told the boy not to run and walk slowly. The dog retreated back to where it resides. The dog then went behind the complainant’s house and began to bark at the complainant as he was standing at his sliding glass door. The dog then began barking and lunging at the complainant. The complainant felt he was going to be attached so he shot the dog striking him in the upper chest. The dog then fled back to where it resides and died in the driveway. Several witnesses state the pit bulldog was outside its fence and there have been problems with this dog in the past. Animal Control did arrive and stated that they have had complaints about the pit bulldog. The dog’s owner was advised by police officers about the incident.

• March 7: A Snyder Road woman reported to police that an unknown suspect came into her house and took the cash out of her purse. The victim had no information on the suspect.

• March 8: A worker at Weigel’s on North Campbell Station Road reported to police that a suspect pumped $22.15 worth of gas and drove off without paying.

• March 9: A North Campbell Station Road woman reported a theft to police. The victim stated to officers that the suspect, also a Campbell Station Road woman, stole a gun from the victim’s residence. The suspect brought the gun back and threw it on the floor of the victim’s residence. The suspect sat in front of the victim and began touching her chest. The victim pulled a knife on the suspect. The suspect took the knife from the victim. The victim grabbed the knife, cutting her hand. The suspect apparently picked up the gun and left the victim’s residence. The victim did not see the suspect take the gun. The victim needed the police report to obtain a restraining order against the suspect.

• March11: A Diane Drive woman reported to police that while she was shopping at the Bi-Lo on Kingston Pike, someone stole her wallet with her driver’s license and a credit card from her vehicle. The victim stated that someone had already used the credit card at Target in Turkey Creek. The victim was instructed to contact Knoxville Police Department in reference to the credit card complaint.

• March 11: An Oak Ridge woman reported to police that her boyfriend’s ex-wife became confrontational with her while at Cotton Eyed Joe’s by grabbing her (the victim’s) hat. The victim says the suspect then punched the victim about her nose area causing marks. The suspect said the victim first threw her hat hitting the suspect in the chest. The victim was advised of how to obtain a criminal summons.

• March 12: A Concord Road woman reported to police that when she arrived at her residence she found a Happy Birthday balloon lying on her kitchen table. The victim stated a few cards had been moved but nothing was taken. The victim stated she had left the kitchen door unlocked, with the alarm activated at the residence.

• March 12: Police were called to a Peterson Road residence to investigate a report of vandalism. The victim stated that someone shot rubber bullets at her house. A broken window was found upstairs. The victim stated she heard a truck traveling north on Peterson Road after the shooting. She heard what sounded like kids laughing as they drove away. Due to darkness, the victim could not get a vehicle description.

• March 13: A Clinton, Miss., woman reported to police that she and two friends were sitting at a table at Cotton Eyed Joe’s and were approached by the suspect and another male. The victim stated that the two males sat down at their table. The victim stated that she placed her camera in the purse of her friend. The victim decided to take some pictures and the camera was not in the purse. She stated that she and her friend went to the bathroom and dumped the contents out to search for the camera but it was not there. When the victim and her friend got back to the table, the victim noticed something in the front pocket of the suspect. The victim stated that when she asked him about it, he got up and said he had to go. The victim followed him out and a bouncer confronted the suspect about the camera and took it off of the suspect’s person. The suspect was arrested for an outstanding warrant. The victim was advised of her rights as a victim.

• March 16: An employee of the Oaken Mantle on Station West Drive reported to police that a woman had purchased $498 in merchandise and had used an American Express credit card that was later discovered to be stolen. The suspect told the victim that the card belonged to her husband.


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