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Im calling in answer to the person that called in saying all the trees on Virtue Road need to be cut down and guardrails need to be put up to cut down on accidents and make the road safer. If the trees are jumping out onto the roadway in front of cars, then yes, they should be cut down. But if the trees are behaving themselves and staying off the roadway, then its the drivers that must behave themselves and stay on the roadway, which of course means they need to slow down. If this person wants so badly to have these trees removed, then I have to say it sounds like they prefer city life. We are not the city, we are the country, and the country has trees. If you dont like trees, then move to where there are no trees. But leave ours alone and slow down.

Im responding to the person who talked about the children being personally chauffeured to school. I would love to send my child on the bus, but they want to pick my kindergartener up at 6:35 [a.m.], then he gets out at 1 [p.m.], and I cannot let him sit around for two hours at school and wait to pick him up and send him home on the bus. Therefore, I take him to school in the morning and drop him off at 7:15 and pick him up in the afternoon at 1.

Im thrilled that Thomas Deakins is running for school board in District 6. He lives here in Farragut and his school-age children attend our public school. He sees the issues first-hand and seems to have the background to find real solutions. I plan on voting for Thomas Deakins.

Im calling to say that I am so glad that Thomas Deakins is running for 6th District school board because we need someone that has kids in the system to be on the school board. Kudos to Thomas Deakins for stepping up and representing the people of Farragut. Also, Id like to say in order for these outcomes to be positive we need as many voters as possible. Please be a good citizen and get out and vote.

Im just calling in because I wanted to say that Im glad to see that Mr. Thomas Deakins is running for school board from Farragut. Im glad to see hes challenging that handpicked candidate of Mike Arms and Mike Ragsdale as well as the brother-in-law of a current board member. People should remember that one of his challengers is a man who has no kids at all the in public schools, and they go to private school.

I agree with the previous caller who mentioned the poor timing on the Parkside Drive stoplight. I was the second car in line [on the day of this call] and it was yellow by the time I was halfway across the intersection. Something needs to be done.

I saw in last weeks [farragutpresss] that former [Knoxville] Mayor Randy Tyree is going to run against [Knox County] Sheriff [Tim] Hutchison as a write-in in this upcoming election. Weve already got a good, honest, hard-working sheriff, and a hard-working, honest department. What we need is Randy Tyree or Bob Jolly to run for District Attorney, thats where we need change.

This is in response to Through The Lens for [March 16]. The traffic at Farragut Middle School and Farragut Intermediate School is just horrible in the morning and in the afternoon. I have found that the morning traffic move[s] so much better when the staff person from Farragut Middle School [Larry Danner] is out there directing traffic versus the police officers that come from time-to-time. I really dont care who directs the traffic, I just think that there has to be a better way to get in and out of the school. The problem is even worse in the afternoon with children almost getting hit in the parking lot with parents coming to pick up their kids and parking in the parking lot in the afternoon. Some things have to happen.

To the person that called presstalk in the March 16 issue to chastise the person about their comments about Hispanics and religious bigotry, your comments and I quote, card-carrying Baptists murdering your parents sounded just as bigoted and racist as the person you called to chastise. You need to keep your hate in your own house as you said in [your] comment.

Im calling because as a parent of a student at Farragut schools, I just wanted to give a great big thank you to Mr. [Randy] Burleson, the owner of Aubreys and Edison Park [Steakhouse]. All you people out there have to realize that Mr. Burleson gives freely of his restaurant to the school free lunches, and does so much and contributes so much to the schools. So, as parents and citizens of Farragut, I just want to say, thank you. And try to thank Mr. Burleson by eating at his restaurant because its wonderful service, and we do appreciate it.

Im calling about the [March 16] article in the paper about directing traffic [at Farragut Intermediate and Farragut Middle schools]. I think a policeman should direct the traffic, not teachers.

Im responding to the concerned citizen of March 9 [issue]. He linked the The Coves shooting to Mexican revolutionists. I think he is afraid of the wrong people group. Let me remind you of a few incidents the American public might tend to forget: 1979, U.S. Embassy in Iran taken over by Muslim male extremists; 1983, U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut blown up by Muslin male extremists; 1988, Pam Am Flight 103 bombed by Muslin male extremists; 1993, World Trade Center bombed by Muslim male extremists; 1998, U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania bombed by the same; the year 2000, U.S.S. Cole, hit by a boat carrying bombs and Muslims; 9/11, 2001, four airlines hijacked and used as weapons against the United States of America by Muslim male extremists. Most of the Mexicans that I have met and gotten to know within the last few months have been hard-working, polite, kind people. I think he is mixing up who we really need to be afraid of.


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