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Farragut’s Duncan to seek re-election

When U.S. Rep. for the 2nd District John J. Duncan Jr. took office more than 18 years ago, he was following in the footsteps of his father.

John “Jimmy” Duncan Jr. said he has helped many people over the years and if voters return him to office in the Aug. 3 election, he would continue the work.

Duncan will face a Republican candidate, Ralph McGill, to retain the 2nd District seat.

“The thing that I feel the best about is that we’ve been able to help several thousand people in big and little ways on problems that they’ve had with government on all levels and even private type problems, like with insurance,” Duncan said. “My father was in this office before me and I drove him around the district and substituted for him. I saw through him and his activities that he was able to help many people in many different ways. Over the years I developed a desire to continue that type of service. Those were the big factors in my desire to run for Congress then and they still apply today.”

Duncan said one of the things he is proud of is his stand on taxation issues.

“I have voted for just about every tax cut I possibly could have since I’ve been in Congress because I’ve always thought that government at all levels takes too much of the people’s money,” he said. “The average person has to pay about forty percent in local, state, and federal taxes and then another ten percent in regulatory costs that are passed on to the consumer in the form of higher prices. You’ve got basically half of people’s income going to pay taxes. I will always support any reasonable effort to simplify our taxes because I don’t think there’s any justification for having a tax code that is nearly as complicated, confusing and convoluted as we have.”

Duncan said he is a proponent for the Fair Tax, a system proposed by radio talk show host Neal Boortz.

“People misunderstand it,” Duncan said. “They think that is a tax on top of all the other taxes. It would wipe out all the other taxes and mean a tax reduction for all those paying their taxes now.”

Duncan said he favors the Fair Tax, but would support any reasonable system that would mean a change in the tax code. He said it is a difficult fight to get any type of tax reform.

“While eighty-five percent of the population wants some type of tax reform, the fifteen percent that don’t actually control the tax code,” he said.

Duncan said he is in favor of limiting government power, especially in terms of eminent domain.

“I think that government has

taken way too much property,” he said. “The federal government owns over thirty percent of the land in this country and state and local governments own another twenty percent, so you’ve got half the land in some type of public ownership.

It sounds great for a politician to create a park, but we keep taking more and more land off the tax rolls and shrinking the tax base. At the same time, all the government agencies are requesting more money and so we’ve got to stop shrinking the tax base.”

Duncan said he has authored and supported bills that limit the government’s power to seize private property.

Duncan said his stance on the Iraq War has not changed. He said the citizens of the United States shouldn’t be burdened with the cost of enforcing United Nation sanctions against another country. “True conservatives believe the United States shouldn’t have to police the world,” he said.


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