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Picture this – it’s a sunny day and you take your dogs out for a walk in your neighborhood. Most cars when they see you, slow down, move away from you and wave as they go by. Not today however. A van is coming in front of you – they don’t appear to be slowing down or making a move away from you. You get scared, grab the dog leashes and move as close to the curb as possible. Scared, you yell out “slow down!” The van just keeps going and you continue your walk.

A few minutes later, a van slows down and stops. The woman driving the van yells out: “I was going the speed limit.” You are amazed that someone would actually drive back through the neighborhood and confront someone for yelling slow down.

Now, picture this — you are in a wheelchair. Yes, that’s right. I suffer from multiple sclerosis and take my dogs out using a jogging leash. I have never, never had someone be so “rude” and inconsiderate as this woman was. I can only hope and pray that she never has to use a wheelchair to get around.

In closing, even if you are driving the speed limit, when you see someone walking with children or dogs, slow down so that neither the dogs or the children get scared. Try to visualize how a van looks to a little child or to a dog.

Remember, driving the speed limit is one thing everyone should do. But use common sense when you are in a neighborhood. Going 25 mph does not actually give you enough time to react to a child or a family pet from darting out into the street. Better to drive slowly in a neighborhood and keep everyone safe.

Thank you,

Barbara Wyman

Fox Den


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