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• While I do agree with the farragutpress’ opinion on the Campbell Station [Road] extension, I would like to add a positive statement. Even though there was a small delay relating to the painting of the lines, I would like Renfro Construction to know that I appreciate them working so hard on Monday and Tuesday during the pouring rain. Most other construction crews completely shut down during even a slight drizzle, but these guys were out working hard. Since the road extension [was] shut back down March 27, does anyone know when they expect it to reopen? It has looked complete for several months with no more work being done since 2005, and I’m just interested why it hasn’t permanently opened?

• Well, apparently I touched a nerve with a person who seems to think that Hispanics and Catholics are the root of all evil by making the comment that two of the people who murdered my parents were card-carrying Baptists. This information was relayed from a conversation of a former neighbor who worked with a parent of one of the murdering monsters and a conversation I had with one of the preachers of the murdering monsters. Nowhere in my comments from that week’s [farragutpress] did I make any nasty comments about Baptists. Did I make any comments about people who are Baptists? After all, I have a lot of friends [who] are Baptists. I attended Baptist church. I just think the person who decided to take my words as that I hate Baptists; they have some serious guilt issues as to the nasty comments they were making about Mexican-Americans and Catholics. People who commit murder and acts of violence have nothing to do with their religion or the color of their skin. It has to with the fact that they’re evil. And for people who are looking for excuses to hate other people like this person seems to be, I think he needs to talk to his preacher.

• I’ve been retired here four years in Knoxville, in the Farragut area. I moved here from Chicago. I always did like Tennessee, I always thought it was beautiful state. Now that I have been here for four years, I can see a little bit more than what I originally saw. I just can’t believe the trash that is alongside Northshore [Drive] from Concord [Road] west. I thought this was a beautiful state but I can’t believe that people just throw their trash out and have so little love of their state.

• I’ve seen numerous Steve Hall for Mayor signs in public right-of-ways. I saw them last Saturday along the boulevards at Turkey Creek. Even in some church properties on the side of the road and all along the Interstate at exit ramps. Isn’t there an ordinance in Farragut against such political signage going on public right-of-ways?

• I’m calling in to respond to someone that called in and made the statement that we have a good, honest, hard-working sheriff [Tim Hutchison] and a hard-working, honest department. Hard-working, honest department, yes; hard-working sheriff, I don’t really agree with that. If you’ll think back, the sheriff has just got through costing the county several thousands of dollars of our tax-paid money to represent him on his lawsuit, where he was found in contempt of court and some other stuff. I’m not really sure how that turned out? I think he’s just about as criminal a crook as the other two guys we’ve got in, one [Knox County 5th District Commissioner John] Griess, and the other [Knox County Mayor Michael] Ragsdale, for going out here and doing taxation without representation. An election’s coming up. I think the town of Farragut needs to understand: These folks are not out for our best interest. I think we ought to show that at the polls, just vote ‘em all out: Hutchison, Ragsdale and Griess.

• I was calling regarding the traffic congestion at the Farragut schools, especially on Campbell Station Road. I believe if parents let their children take the school bus, there’d be a lot less traffic. If parents have a problem with the school buses, perhaps they should ride the bus with their children and take turns to make sure that the school buses are a safe environment for their children. It’s time that parents stopped coddling their children and let them take the proper transportation, which would be the school bus, and we would not have traffic backed up like we do at Campbell Station Road with parents who insist upon driving and picking up their children.

• I’m calling concerning a potentially dangerous problem on Virtue Road. ... There is someone who is stopping to get their mail, a gentleman. He stops his car, this has happened — I’ve seen it — several times, twice at night. He stops his car, he’s headed southbound on Virtue, he opens his door, he gets out and walks around and gets his mail when he’s just opposite his driveway. He’s actually stopping in the street, bogging traffic in both directions. It’s a very dangerous situation, and if this gentleman persists in this, he should assume the liability for the accident he will probably cause.

• No one should have to direct traffic at the intermediate and middle school crossroads in Farragut. A policy should be enacted that students must ride the bus to and from school with only medical and/or emergency exceptions. It has been proven that the bus is the safest way to and from school for all students. [Being] too lazy to get up, get myself up and moving in the morning, or disciplining my child into getting up and catch the bus is not a medical condition. Ride the bus.

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