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Farragut resident urges locals to vote

I want to encourage everyone of age to get off their couch and vote in the upcoming Knox County election. Local elections are very important for the fact that you need to view them just as minor league baseball: if we do not have great representation at the local level and if these officials are later “called up,” then they will bring their poor leadership to the next level(s).

We must ensure that our local representatives in local government are the very best we can have based on qualifications, leadership, personal attributes, practicing ethical and accessible management, and hopefully, a flawless track record of exhibiting honesty. Politicians with an “R” or “D” by their name no longer guarantee that they follow those principles. Now, you really have to look at the candidate’s background, the issues, and past experiences to decipher who you are really voting for.

Poor leadership, management, and experience consistently yield poor results. For example, in the first time in our nation’s history, our children are not expected to live longer than their parents, our competitiveness in education is close to the bottom of the barrel of the industrial world, our government has just expanded the deficit to $9 trillion, and most of our borders are wide open.

In addition, we are not only giving away our manufacturing capabilities to foreign entities such as China so stock-holders/executives can make short-term profits, but most alarming is that they are also creating instant competitors. This is just as disturbing as is to our historical dependence on foreign oil or our inability to make critical decisions. By pushing off decisions until tomorrow, we have seen drastic results in our economy, education, competitiveness, and environment.

One of the central themes I remember hearing from the USAF personnel while living on Strategic Air Command (SAC) bases as a child was “never have your bombers caught on the ground and your missile silos full” during an attack. Another story I remember hearing was that of a Russian General asking his staff each day “Can we beat the Americans today?” and his staff each day replied, “No, not today!”

Today, our way of life is under attack not only from many new global threats but also from within. Many foreign adversaries/“allies” ask themselves each day “Can we beat the Americans today?” In today’s global environment, you do not need to even fire a shot to cripple a nation. Just visit any big-box retailer such as Wal-Mart or ask who is financing most of our debt. China is waging economic warfare against us on many fronts.

With that said, who said Communism is dead? We embrace such things as surveillance cameras, micro-chipping pets and even some of our children and the elderly, letting government take your property, everyone now gets a trophy for just playing, and there is always some sort of pill available for whatever is troubling you. Likewise, our political leaders face little retribution for their lack in leadership and unpopular agendas. With recent local voter turnouts of around 10 percent, it is just like democracy being “caught on the ground.”

Much of our nation’s federal political leadership has gotten us in a big mess and we need to quickly fix it. Just as in minor league baseball, most of these politicians started at the local level. Please become educated on the issues and candidates and most importantly, please vote during the upcoming election.

Bill Johns



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