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• April 10: A worker at the BP gas station on Campbell Station Road reported to police that the suspect, a Kings Gate Road man, came into the business to pay for gasoline purchased. The worker stated that the suspect became irate and loud when she could not give the change in the denomination the suspect wanted. The complainant and a witness asked the suspect to leave the business.

• April 11: A North Campbell Station Road woman told officers she had been out with her daughter and friends all day. She said she returned to her residence where the suspect, her husband, started a verbal altercation with her. She told officers the suspect demanded to know where she had been and for her to give him all of her money. The victim said the suspect called her a liar, took her purse and dumped its contents on the floor. The victim said she was pushed down onto the sofa by the suspect. The suspect said he was concerned about the habits of the victim’s friends and inferred they had a drug problem. The suspect told officers he took the victim’s cash for safekeeping and financial management. The victim had no marks on her from being pushed onto the sofa. The suspect left the residence for the evening.

• April 12: A worker at the Farragut Health Center reported to police that several items, including checks and a credit card, were stolen from a resident of the Center.

• April 13: A Concord Road man reported to police that a suspect had called him approximately ten times between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. harassing him and threatening him because the victim kept asking the suspect for money that the suspect owed him.

• April 14: A Confederacy Way woman reported to police that the suspect, her son, had been drinking and is addicted to drugs. The son had cut himself numerous times on the head and face and began telling his mother he wanted to die. The mother called 9-1-1 and the son became angry and left before officers arrived. The officers looked for the suspect but did not find him.

• April 15: A Loudon County woman reported to police that she went to her estranged husband’s residence on Virtue Road to get her license plate off her vehicle and to give an Easter present to her grandchild. The husband became angry and attempted to block the victim from returning to her vehicle. After getting around the suspect, the victim was entering her vehicle and the suspect closed the door of the vehicle on her leg. The suspect then stuck his upper body in the vehicle window trying to prevent her from leaving.

• April 15: A Virtue Road man reported to police that his estranged wife came over to his residence to retrieve some personal items. After retrieving the items without incident, the suspect noticed that their grandchild was in back playing and she wanted to see her. The victim thought it would be best if the suspect left due to their past. After arguing about seeing their grandchild, the suspect scratched the victim in the upper right side of his face leaving three small marks. The victim was advised of his domestic rights and refused any medical treatment.

• April 17: A Lost Tree Lane man called officers to report the possible theft of a gold Rolex watch. The victim had last seen the watch in his home around March 31 and noticed it was missing on April 5.

• April 18: An Annandale Road woman reported to police that she was assaulted by her estranged husband at Bob Leonard Park on N. Watt Road. The victim stated that she was attending a lacrosse match with her children when she was approached by the suspect and an argument ensued. According to the victim, the suspect followed her to the parking lot and then grabbed her by the shirt with his hands. The suspect yelled an obscenity at the victim and then pushed her away. When the victim attempted to enter her vehicle, the suspect allegedly pushed her again with his hands. During the incident, the victim was not injured physically. However, the victim stated that her children witnessed the argument and were extremely upset. The victim was advised of her rights under the domestic violence law and the procedure for obtaining an order of protection.

• April 19: Police responded to a call from the FSG Bank on N. Campbell Station Road regarding an attempted break-in. Officers discovered that the hinges to the outdoor ATM had been sawed through. The incident is related to three others that occurred at various times on the same date.


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