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I wish to express my support for Dr. Leonard Brown for Knox County Commission Seat 5-C. I have known Dr. Brown for the last 14 years and have found him to be an outstanding leader in both the civic and medical communities. He is active in his church, served on the Board of Directors of the Discovery Center and as Secretary for the Knoxville Academy of Medicine. He has been cub master and assistant scout master for local Boy Scout troops.

Dr. Brown has provided free indigent care through the Interfaith Health Clinic, and served as a delegate to the Tennessee Medical Association and Chairman of the Board of Governors of his specialty Academy. Before entering private practice, he served in the [U.S.] Army as an officer. His ability to integrate, synthesize and come to logical and well thought out solutions to problems is not questioned.

It is my opinion that Dr. Brown does not seek this position for personal benefit but has a vision and passion where Knox County should proceed in the future. I ask the voters in 5-C to seriously consider Leonard Brown for their county commissioner.


T. Darrell Thomas, M.D.

I want to announce my write-in campaign for Knox County Commission Seat 5C in the Democratic Primary.

I am a 21-year resident of the 5th District in the Cedar Bluff Community. My 30-plus years working in Knoxville’s non-profit community give me a unique perspective on how we develop effective solutions to meet the needs of all of our citizens. I invite you to call me at 865-691-1056 or visit my Web site at

My Web site includes my personal and professional background and an overview [on] my positions on school funding, storm water control, the need to develop more local neighborhood leaders and my belief that government cannot solve all of our problems but can be an effective partner with individuals, neighborhoods and business to build a better community. I want to give citizens a choice in the May 2 primary and on Aug. 3 in the general election. Thank you very much.

Tom Salter


I want to encourage everyone in Farragut to request a paper ballot and vote for Leonard Brown for Knox County Commissioner for Seat 5C. I have met with Leonard and he will work to address the greatest needs of the people of Farragut. As a medical doctor he understands the importan[ce] of public safety. As one of the co-founders of Concerned Citizens for Responsible Growth and Development, public safety has been one of my greatest concerns. We have had too many fatal traffic accidents in District 5.

Leonard is passionate about public safety and he has ideas that can make District Five a safer and more pleasant area to drive your automobile in. We spend so much time in our cars and our quality of life is tied to our daily commutes. Like many people I am frustrated by the lack of leadership in solving the traffic problems at Kingston Pike and Lovell Road. We need a proactive member of Knox County Commission that understands the importance of public safety.

Join me, and vote for Leonard Brown for Knox County Commissioner for Seat 5C. Make sure to request a paper ballot.

Mike Mitchell


I’ll bet you don’t often get poems written by dogs! But our two (as well as my husband and I) are so taken with the lovely park at the Library, one of them couldn’t help sending this along for your consideration.

“Disney World for Dogs,” by Dylan Howell.

This is my first poem/and it may be my last/but since you named me after Welsh poet Dylan Thomas/to go with Howell which is Welsh/I want to take this venue/to send doggie kisses to the folks/who planned and constructed/the park at the Farragut Library./I extend my paw to the Town fathers;/they did a bang-up job in my view./And Sasha agrees wholeheartedly./To think, all we have to do is climb in the car,/drive a couple of miles from our house,/get out and get to have enough fun,/for a whole barrel of monkeys,/climbing over picturesque logs,/going across lovely bridges,/wading in the rock-strewn stream,/walking the wood-chip paths,/meeting neighborhood dogs of all kinds/(all on a leash, mind you).


Sharon Slaton Howell

I wanted to thank the members of the community who organized the Celebrate Freedom parade held this past Saturday in downtown Knoxville. It was an honor as an American and a member of this local community to celebrate the homecoming of the 278th Regimental Combat Team.

The sense of pride and patriotism shared by the participants and on-lookers was palpable, and I felt blessed to have the opportunity to show my children some of the actual military personnel who had been deployed in Iraq representing our country. It was also an honor to see and hear from Gov. [Phil] Bredesen, [U.S.] Rep. [John J.] Duncan [Jr.], [U.S.] Sen. Lamar Alexander and Mayors [William “Bill”] Haslam and [Michael “Mike”] Ragsdale.

Again, thank you to all that organized the event; it was very special.

Angela Fisher


I am writing in support of Dr. Leonard Brown as a Republican write-in candidate for the Knox County Commission District 5-C seat in the upcoming election.

I have known Dr. Brown both personally and professionally for nearly a decade. He is very actively involved both in community affairs and in professional organizations. For several years, he was on the board of directors of the Discovery Center at the Children’s Museum. He is currently the chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Otolaryngology Association.

As a practicing physician in Knoxville, he is well aware of budgets, of schedules, of how to deal with people, and of how to get things done in a logical and timely fashion. Being a resident of West Knoxville, with teenage children, he will be vitally interested in the education of our students. Road conditions and bringing new businesses to West Knoxville are other topics we have recently discussed.

Dr. Brown, I am convinced, will bring the same dedication, enthusiasm, and common sense to Knox County Commission that he does to his medical practice. I urge voters in the 5-C District to get out and vote and to consider a write-in vote for Dr. Leonard Brown.

W. David England, M.D.


Come May 2, I will be throwing my hat in the ring for City Councilman Steve Hall.

I recall County Mayor Mike Ragsdale’s effort to sell his idea of a Wheel Tax to the citizens of Knox County.

Originally this tax increase was billed as necessary for the construction of a downtown library. Once this idea did not fly with the public Mr. Ragsdale resorted to billing this idea as being for education and for the children.

This Wheel Tax was also going to be used to build senior centers and fund area non-profit organizations. Fine ideas, but it is not a function of government to do either. ...

As it turned out, Mike Ragsdale and a number of folks on our County Commission didn’t seem to care that the citizens of Knox County wanted their voices to be heard, their signatures and opinions to count for anything. They were to have their funding no matter what the citizens of Knox County thought and gave the citizens of Knox County the so-called choice between an increase in the Wheel Tax or an increase in their property taxes. This is akin to giving a child a choice between a spanking and a whipping. No choice here, just an arrogant dismissal of the wishes of nearly 30,000 Knox Countians.

We were treated like children in this matter, but we don’t have to stand around for another whipping or another blackmail tax. Vote Steve Hall for county mayor if you want your voice to be heard; less government and less taxes.

Joe Mode



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