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ē I saw your article looking for some information on a concrete structure [near] Concord Road and Northshore Drive. I believe that to be remnants of an old rock quarry. But to be sure, you can call Mac Abel, he lives in Concord and heís kind of a historian there.

ē My comment is simply this: we have a plethora of candidates running for various positions. I would think that one of them could probably win with a huge landslide if all they would do is advocate abolishing the Wheel Tax.

ē As a newcomer to Farragut, I have lived here only three months. I enjoy reading presstalk and I really enjoy your newspaper. And I wanted to also express my idea of joining in with the latest comments from a reader about Farragut having more walking access up at the new Pinnacle shopping center. I think thatís such a beautiful, beautiful architecture. I think it would be the perfect place to have a beautiful, meandering walking way that would tie everything together so we could do a little window shopping, enjoy some beautiful fountains and benches. So please, letís continue to think of that idea and do it. I just love living here in this community, so thank you so much for making it a wonderful place. I also ran an ad to sell some light fixtures, and within four days my light fixtures were sold and I was extremely pleased. So thank you for being there for us.

ē [Despite] the sad passing of Dr. [Robert] Frazier, it was comforting to read what [Dr.] Frazierís friends and colleagues thought about this incredible educator. Farragut was blessed to have such a caring, professional leader at the intermediate school for more than 30 years! Now thatís dedication. I only wish my children had the opportunity to know and learn from him. My prayers go out to [Dr.] Frazierís family and to the many, many students, teachers and Knox County Schools staff who are mourning his passing.

ē Several people in a meeting asked that we ask Mr. [Steve] Hall if he wants to be elected [Knox County mayor] and put Mike Ragsdale out of office. Itís a pledge to bring our car license plates in line where they were. Ragsdale would do anything, last election, to be elected, and will do the same this year. Letís get him out of office, now.

ē I went to UT with Mike Ragsdale and he hasnít changed. Heís still a liberal Democrat. He has already nailed us with a property and a Wheel Tax, and he consistently lies. He is just like [former Tennessee Gov.] Don Sundquist. What upsets me most is hearing him state he helps vets when he was a Vietnam draft dodger in 1972. Give me a break.

ē I just read the paper about the lady who agrees with the woman who said that she took her children from school because of problems with the bus drivers. And then I get my paper [April 13] and see where, ďFarragut High School bus driver has been arrested for driving under the influence.Ē I have called the supervisor of the bus drivers about three times, even though my child doesnít ride a bus, and apparently nothing has been done. Maybe this will be a wake-up call. So Iím glad this showed up after I called and complained about him.

ē Let me get this straight: still no construction of a high school after five months since mayorís groundbreaking. A decrease in budget percentage for education by mayor [Mike Ragsdale]; citizens blackmailed; mayor supports property, Wheel, emissions and state income tax[es]; the mayor is the chief lobbyist for developers, and he and his wife financially benefit from this relationship. And finally, it is know that he is a Democrat. However, citizens not voting to end corruption, now that is priceless.

ē This is in response to the person who said there needs to be something done about the lack of protection for bicyclers and joggers. He made the suggestion about sidewalks. Well, how many more sidewalks do we need in Farragut? There are sidewalks everywhere. There are also bike trails, several of them. What more do you want? If bicyclers and joggers would stay on the trails, there wouldnít be any problems, would there? I canít tell you how many times I have been extremely inconvenienced by them being on the road. To solve the problem, stay on the trails.

ē I enjoy presstalk for its Ö value, but I think we may have taken free speech too far. The memorable, ridiculous comments in the April 20 issue serve as prime examples. Thereís a ridiculous statement regarding bears in the national forest, and this is a quote: ď... bears belong in the forest and people belong around the towns, and the bears are afraid of the adults. ...Ē Clarification: black bears eat adults, too, and people donít have to live in towns. Example No. 2: A peacock is on the loose, and quote, ďif itís yours you really need to go get it.Ē Thatís really shameful. And example No. 3, paraphrasing here: People are driving too slow on Northshore [Drive]. Iím afraid the presstalk should probably be abolished in order to restrain such ridiculous and useless public commentary.

Editorís Note: Thatís exactly why presstalk exists. Those people who donít have any outlet to voice their concerns are given that privilege in this forum. If you donít agree with them, thatís fine. Free speech canít be limited to what a few find of interest to only them.

ē I want to make this perfectly clear: a vote for John Griess is a vote for Brian Hornback. Support your write-in candidate.

ē Just as Al Gore did with the Internet, Mike Ragsdale claims accomplishments that others have done years before. You never see the county staff, volunteers or hard-working Knox Countians get credit for their work. But ďSlickĒ Ragsdale states he [did] it all. Iím telling you, the main reason my neighborhood is not voting for Ragsdale is not because he is a liar, but he has a horrible temper. I have seen this first-hand while he was at DWI. And that is why he doesnít debate or talk to citizens. Itís awful. His temper is awful. Iím telling you, a man in that power should not be ripping down peoplesí signs, though he has $300,000. What is he fearful about?

ē [Knox County Commission-er] John Griess has been determined by the Tennessee Supreme Court to be ineligible as a candidate for the District 5 seat [includes all similar incumbents having served two consecutive terms]. He cannot serve. If you vote for him, your vote is an unknown vote. The worst-case scenario would be someone that we donít want as our candidate or as our representative, like Brian Hornback. If youíre not sure, select a write-in candidate. Do a little research, and pick someone thatíll represent Farragut.


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