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Town posts census results

The town of Farragut has finalized a special census it initiated last year and the result may mean an increase in the town budget of about $200,000.

Mayor W. Edward “Eddy” Ford III said the town initiated a special census in 2005 after the 2000 U.S. Census figures reported the town had 17,720 residents.

Farragut officials thought that number was too low, so the town initiated its own special census. The results show the town has 19,717 residents, a difference of about 2,000.

“The town initiated the special census in August two thousand five with a mass mailing that was based on a master address list derived from the Knox County tax assessors office, plus additional addresses provided internally from building permits and certificate of occupancy records,” Ford said in a letter to the state. “Over seventy percent of residents listed on the initial master list responded. The remainder of the town’s residents were obtained from field surveillance and phone survey conducted by town staff.”

Farragut Town Administrator Dan Olson said the matter has to go through state channels before it is confirmed. He said the information has been filed with the East Tennessee office of the Local Planning Office, a branch of the state Community Development Department.

“It will be about another month before it is confirmed,” Olson said. “They do a test to check our numbers. When they are done, they will certify the numbers with the state.”

Olson said the town should see an increase of close to $200,000 in funding from the state.

“We should pick up an additional two-hundred thousand a year in road use funds and money from the general fund,” he said.

Olson said the road use funds should be around $40,000 while the rest of the money should come in the form of sales tax revenue. The allocation to the town of sales tax revenue is population-based, as are funds the town gets from the general fund for TVA revenues and a tax on petroleum products.

Olson said the town budgeted approximately $25,000 for the special census and he estimates final costs will be around $15,000.

The new town budget may include the addition of these monies, Olson said, depending on how long certification on the special census results may take.

“I’m just taking a conservative standpoint on how much this is going to be,” he said.


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