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Town outlines future proposed capital projects

As Farragut approaches the beginning of a new fiscal year, town engineer Darryl Smith is preparing a list of capital projects to be incorporated into the upcoming budget by town Administrator Dan Olson.

One of the upcoming projects that could be incorporated is the extension of Watt Road all the way through to Old Stage Road, coming in right across from Triple Crown Boulevard.

Smith said running the road directly through to Old Stage Road and coming out directly across from Triple Crown Boulevard is the most feasible route for the project.

“It’s only logical to line up intersections across from each other,” he said. “The town has already purchased the right-of-way for the project.”

Smith said studies are being done on the project.

“Wilbur Smith and Associates is doing a transportation planning report,” Smith said. “The T-P-R will show a lot of things, such as all the alignments and even the need for the project.”

The transportation study results were revealed during the May 4 meeting of the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission.

Smith said as part of this same project, plans are in the works to continue the improvements along Old Stage Road from Johnson Corner Road out to the town limits. This project, which is in the early planning stages, will expand the lanes to 12 feet in width with curb and gutter. It will be funded as an 80/20 split with the state through funds from the Surface Transportation Program.

The future expansion of Old Stage Road, Smith said, and the upcoming expansion of McFee Road from the roundabout to Boyd’s Station Road, are all designed with a purpose.

“The idea is to enable the traffic to reach the Interstate on a more convenient route,” he said.

Smith said the McFee Road expansion has been let and the apparent low bidder was Renfro Construction with an offer of a little more than $2.4 million. This will also be an 80/20 split with STP funds.

Another couple of projects that have been on the minds of Farragut residents are the completion of the Campbell Station Road extension and the expansion of Concord Road out to Turkey Creek Road, all of which are part of the same project.

“The Campbell Station Road extension is almost complete,” Smith said. “As part of this, we have gotten approval for a signal to be installed at the intersection of Municipal Center Drive and Campbell Station Road.”

Smith said the installation of the signal light could take several weeks due to the fact it takes a minimum of 12 to 15 weeks to get the poles in for the signal light. These poles are ordered through the Tennessee Department of Transportation, he said.

The Concord Road expansion, Smith said, is expected to be complete by mid summer.

The Campbell Station extension, being undertaken by Renfro construction, is expanding Concord Road out to Turkey Creek Road. Smith said at the intersection of Concord Road and the Campbell Station Road extension, coming from the direction of Kingston Pike, a couple of lanes are being added. When it is finished, there will be two left turn lanes, one north-bound lane and one south-bound lane.

From that intersection out to Turkey Creek Road, the expansion will include two south-bound lanes, two north-bound lanes and one center turn lane.

“This project is being done by T-D-O-T using Local Interstate Connector funds,” Smith said. “These funds go to projects to increase the capacity of traffic to get to the Interstate. This is a fifty-fifty split between us and the state.”

Smith said the Northshore Drive side of Turkey Creek Road is having a temporary tie done to it as part of this project. This work is a precursor for a future date when funding and plans are available to expand Concord Road all the way out to Northshore Drive.

“This whole thing is a joint project between the town and Knox County,” Smith said. “Knox County is really taking the lead on the project.”

Plans are in the works for another project to expand Campbell Station Road from Jamestown Boulevard to Parkside Drive.

“We’ve had preliminary meetings with T-D-O-T officials on the matter,” he said. “We’re hoping to have final right-of-way plans completed later this year so final right-of-way acquisition can begin.”

He said this will expand the road to five lanes and it will be an 80/20 split with STP funding.


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