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• May 2: A worker at the Weigel’s store on North Campbell Station Road reported to police that an unknown suspect driving a black Jaguar left the business without paying for $52.30 worth of gas.

• May 3: A Southwick Drive woman reported to police that she and her husband, the suspect, began arguing all day during a move from Sevierville and that the suspect had been drinking heavily. The victim stated that she arrived at the residence after the suspect, and a woman with whom the suspect has had a longstanding relationship, was there. The victim stated that she does not approve of the friendship and asked the woman to leave. The victim stated that the woman refused to leave and got in her face. The victim stated that she was in fear of what the woman would do so she sprayed her with mace. The victim told police that she turned to go back inside the house and the suspect grabbed her by the hair and began pulling her back outside. The victim said she then sprayed the suspect because she was afraid of him due to history and intoxication. Both the woman and the suspect were examined by Rural Metro Ambulance. The victim refused to leave the residence immediately but told officers she would get away for a while. The victim was advised of her domestic violence rights.

• May 4: A Butternut Lane woman reported to police that when she checked her credit card balance on line, she discovered that her credit card number had been used to purchase several DVDs from Columbia House in the amount of $27.35. The victim stated that she had no knowledge of who had done this.

• May 5: An employee at First Priority Title Company reported to police that she had terminated the suspect and the suspect had filed for unemployment. The victim had appealed the filing and then received a telephone call from the suspect who told the victim to withdraw the appeal. The suspect told the victim that she knew where the victim lives, where she goes, and what she does and also told the victim that she had a lot of stuff on her. The victim said the suspect told her that if she did not drop the appeal she would be sorry. The victim took this to be an indirect threat to her safety.

• May 5: A worker at the Weigel’s store on North Campbell Station Road told officers that a driver took $22 worth of gas without paying.

• May 5: Police responded to a call from a Maple Tree Lane man who told them he had received several telephone calls from a man who had threatened to harm him.

• May 6: Police were called to a North Watt Road address where a man reported that his ex-wife was attempting to keep his children from him. The victim stated that he had a court-ordered agreement that he was to have the children on this date. Neither the victim nor the suspect could provide any court paperwork. The suspect did not offer to keep the children from the victim but stated that the children had one soccer game left to play and wanted to stay. The children did go with the victim and all parties were advised of their legal rights and remedies.

• May 6: A worker at Mr. Gas on Kingston Pike reported to police that someone went inside her vehicle and stole a Mariah Carey CD case along with a pack of Marlboro cigarettes. The victim then stated that she was advised by a co-worker that there was a dirty red Camaro that backed out of the parking lot from near where the victim’s vehicle was parked. The victim stated that she received threatening telephone calls from a male sounding like the suspect advising her to watch her vehicle and also her home. The calls were received throughout the day.

• May 7: A Nautical Drive woman reported to police that she had been in a verbal argument with her husband. The victim was upset over how she had been treated and about being accused of alcohol and drug use. The suspect had been at a movie and was unaware that the victim had called 9-1-1. Both the victim and the suspect stated there had been no physical contact. The subjects refused transport to any other location and advised officers they would avoid contact with each other.

• May 7: Police officers responded to a North Campbell Station Road address where the victim stated that his ex-wife had agreed to return their children from weekend visitation at 5 p.m. Court paperwork stated the children were to be returned at 6 p.m. The suspect did not return the children at either time. The suspect told the victim earlier in the week that if he tried to get child support she would take the kids and disappear. Child support papers were served earlier this month.

• May 9: Officers responded to Old Stage Road and McFee Road to block the intersection for Knoxville Utility Board due to a natural gas leak. KUB advised that it was a small leak in a main line and that there was no need to evacuate the residents in the area.

• May 9: Police responded to a report of a burglary of two storage trailers at a construction site at 12740 Kingston Pike. The victim advised officers that an unknown suspect cut the locks off two storage trailers and removed approximately $3,000 worth of electrical wire.


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