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McDuffie cleans up with new endeavor

Kerrie McDuffie doesn’t want to pull the rug out from under people — he wants to take it from their homes, clean it and put it back looking like new.

In order to do so, McDuffie has opened a new business location in Knoxville called Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning. Located at 114 Sherlake Drive, he specializes in cleaning area and oriental rugs.

“I’ve been running this business out of my house for the past two years” McDuffie said. “I’ve been in the carpet cleaning business for the past twenty-one years.”

McDuffie’s new location is a 3,700 square foot building just off Kingston Pike. It gives him the room necessary to take care of the large rugs.

“About fifteen to eighteen percent of the cleaning market has to do with rugs,” he said. “People are choosing them over wall-to-wall carpet. It may be because of the grime that gets in carpet, or the dust and dander begin to bother allergies.”

As part of his service, he will go to a customer’s home and pre-evaluate the rug prior to picking it up for cleaning. McDuffie said he looks for things such as fringe damage, color bleed and other issues that need to be addressed prior to cleaning.

Then he will begin the cleaning process.

In the center of the building is a large but shallow pit made of a material similar to that which lines above-ground swimming pools. A rug, which has been thoroughly vacuumed, is placed in the middle of the pit. A water hose runs into a piece of plastic pipe at one end of the pit. Water flows through holes in the pipe to fill the container and submerge the rug.

McDuffie then begins the methodical process of shampooing the rug and removing any particulate matter.

“Sometimes, prior to cleaning, we’ll protect them against color bleed,” he said.

After the shampooing, McDuffie said a brush with free-flowing water is run over the rug to remove the shampoo and any particulate matter. Then the rug is rinsed thoroughly and placed in a 16 by 16-foot room to dry.

“I’ve got two blowers up there to create a cyclonic wind to dry the rugs,” he said. “I’ve got a humidity sensor up there and if it gets too humid, we turn on the air conditioning.”

McDuffie said the cost to clean a rug depends on its size. Prices generally range from $2.50 per square foot up to $3 per square foot.

“It also depends on the services they want with it,” he said. “We also do carpet protection, moth-proofing and urine decontamination.”

McDuffie said rug cleaning constitutes only five to 10 percent of his business. The other portion is spent on carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, mattress cleaning, pressure washing and carpet repair,

“I got started in this business back in nineteen eighty-five, when I worked for my dad over in North Carolina,” he said. “It’s a good business and has provided a living for my family.”

For more information, call 865-691-5686.


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