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• I’m disappointed to see the clear-cutting that is going on on property in the Turkey Creek development right along the Interstate. What ever happened to Farragut’s tree ordinance? Can’t these developers work with existing trees, perhaps in the form of creating some islands? Why must they clear-cut every single, living tree? ... Has anyone else noticed how many trees are being cut down between Cracker Barrel and the Interstate? I’m told it’s because [some businesses] wanted to increase their visibility. And can you believe the State of Tennessee actually allows the public’s right-of-way to be so damaged as to increase visibility for a private business? What an outrage.

• I just completed reading the article in the farragutpress [recently] entitled “Farragut High School students sign on for seatbelt safety” [May 11 issue, page 6]. And it says that a survey was taken and only 67 percent of the students were wearing their seatbelts within the study that was taken at Farragut High School. Well, I have a suggestion: instead of just taking a survey and passing out chicken nuggets to try to get kids to wear their seatbelts, why don’t you have a policeman be there and write a citation? The last I heard, it was against the law to be in a car without your seatbelt on. It wasn’t an option, it wasn’t just a good idea — it’s the law in the State of Tennessee. Why don’t the police issue a citation and split the fine between the police department and the high school, and maybe that would be a good way to raise enough money for the new science department they’re wanting to put in, the new science lab. Just an idea from a thoughtful parent.

• I would like to raise a few questions regarding Farragut Baseball, Inc. My son is in his second season [in] the Instructional League. Why all of the fund-raisers this year? According to my approximate calculations, they make $100,000 on fall registration alone. Many of the teams are business-sponsored, parents are expected to volunteer for coaching and concessions, which are greatly inflated. So where does all of the money go for this non-profit organization? Aside from field grooming, [inaudible] electric fees and umpires for the older leagues, what other costs are there? My daughter plays for CBFO softball, and the commissioner told me that their smaller concession stand pretty much pays for everything, so they don’t need to fund raise. And, their concessions are much cheaper. I go to my kids’ ballgames to watch them play, not to sell or buy over-priced guest dinners.

• I’m calling about the intersection of Concord Road and Northshore. Many times it is nearly impossible to make a left turn from Concord onto Northshore heading east. It’s extremely risky and dangerous. There is a very simple solution, a three-way stop sign. This would solve the problem and be much cheaper than a roundabout.

• In response to your “Through the Lens” question, we need more police presence on Northshore Drive. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been passed by some teenager on Northshore when there is clearly a double yellow line on the highway or had to pull to the right to avoid being hit by a speeding dump truck that has its wheels over the centerline.

• About your [Through the lens] question about Northshore Road [May 18 issue], the first thing I would like to see there is bike trails on both sides and sidewalks for everybody. Bikers tend to be afraid of being run over, because I’m a big biker and I think people should bike a lot more.

• About the roundabout on Northshore and Concord Road, absolutely not, we don’t need something like that. People are pulling boats through that location. What that area needs is a traffic light. I think that’s the answer to it, not a roundabout. A roundabout is just asking for more problems there and making the situation even worse.

• When are people going to learn that the railroad underpass at the junction of Harvey, Boyd Station and Virtue roads is one lane and a three-way stop. Many times while entering the underpass from Virtue I have encountered a speeding vehicle coming down Harvey and running the stop sign and flying into the underpass. These drivers just don’t seem to care for anyone’s safety and there is no law enforcement around.

• I think the answer to the Northshore and Concord Road problem is a traffic light. What could be simpler, and it’s only a three-way intersection. A roundabout would be a mistake.

• A roundabout at Northshore and Concord is a great idea. Our hometown up in Indianapolis has had them for several years now. In fact, they have 13 in our community and they are fabulous. They take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it they’re great and it keeps traffic flowing. Kudos to whoever designed it.

• I’m calling about the controversy of Concord Road and Northshore. I’m reading [a May 18 farragutpress presstalk] where the person [calls] in and says that we should wait until they’re done with construction. Well, they’re not working on the road at 1:30 on a Saturday afternoon, and you have to wait to turn right, you have to wait to turn left on to Northshore. Whoever designed it does not live in Knox County, does not live in Farragut.

• The idea of putting a roundabout at Northshore and Concord Road is ridiculous. They need a blinking red light so that you have a three-way stop like they have at Choto Road. It works fine there, it can work fine at the intersection of Northshore and Concord Road. It will slow the flow of traffic and permit orderly transition of traffic to a left- or right-hand turn. A roundabout is too expensive and not needed.

• Regarding the Northshore and Concord intersection [through the lens, May 18 issue], I suggest that a three-way stop there would relieve some of the traffic problems. It’s very difficult to make a left turn from Concord onto Northshore at certain times of the day.

• I’m calling in reference to them possibly putting a roundabout at the corner of Northshore and Concord Road. What about just a traffic light? It seems like a roundabout is just going to create such a big problem. There’s so much traffic on Concord Road and Campbell Station [Road]. And at Northshore, traffic backs up in the evening. I think a traffic light would be the best thing to put there.

• Regarding traffic on Northshore Road, and traffic in general in Farragut, all the new road-building in the world is just like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. The problem is too much growth and development in Farragut. And unless we stop the rapid development and growth, we’re going to have traffic jams, pollution, accidents and all kinds of problems. It’s time to stop the growth in Farragut and be happy with the beautiful place that we still have left before it’s all paved over.

• [My] comments on Northshore Road and Concord: to consider a roundabout is inviting disaster. A light is needed at that area. And further, Northshore needs to have turn-pockets in the area between Westland and Choto, around the Concord Parks area for pedestrian safety.

• Concerning Northshore and Concord, I would for like there to be a traffic light there with a turn lane, both from Concord coming back on Northshore and Northshore turning into Concord. I just don’t think that roundabout thing is going to be the solution to our problem.

• The best solution for the intersection of Northshore and Concord is a traffic light. It seems so obvious I don’t know why it hasn’t been thought of? A traffic circle is going to make coming from the west going east an impossibility, particularly at rush hour at night, because people coming off of Concord will not stop, they will continue on going around that circle. People coming particularly from the west, but also the east, will never get a chance to get in the circle because there will be so many cars. A traffic light is the only answer there.


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