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Curves marks business anniversary

Texas native Kim Hookman has been in Knoxville for many years and developed a business in order to give back to the community.Curves, an exercise facility for women at 9307 S. Northshore Drive in Knoxville, celebrated its one-year anniversary Tuesday, May 9.

“This is so much fun,” Hookman said. “I think we have the best women in Knoxville come in here.”

“We have a great time,” said Gail Gathagan, Curves manager and long-time friend of Hookman.

Hookman said Curves is an international franchise created in 1996 by Gary and Diane Heavin in Waco, Texas. The program is designed as a 30-minute workout for busy women-on-the-go.

“The stations are designed in a circle,” Gathagan said. “They change stations every thirty seconds and make three circuits of all the stations.”

There are about 20 stations and the participants move from machine, to platform, to machine, in time to recorded music with a voice overlay that prompts Curves members to move once every 30 seconds.

“Once every eight minutes, they are prompted to check their pulse,” Gathagan said.

Hookman said the purpose of the pulse check is to make sure the pulse stays in a certain range. The idea is to keep the pulse rate high for a certain period of time in order to promote heart health and weight loss.

“I think the appeal of this program is that it is a thirty-minute, total-body workout,” Hookman said. “It combines the cardiac workout with a total body workout.”

“We’ve seen tremendous results with this program,” Gathagan said. “We’ve seen women with diabetes come off some of their medicine. We’ve seen women lose as much as thirty pounds and thirty inches in a year.”

The club offers a variety of ways to become a member.

“Curves has an offer to try us free for a week,” Hookman said. “All the people taking the free week will have their name placed in a national pool for a drawing for a free cruise. I think they’ll be giving away ten trips.”

She said the most popular form of membership is an annual membership, but three-month memberships are also available.

in addition to membership, women joining the club receive a subscription to Diane magazine, a quarterly publication offering articles on health, beauty and success stories on weight loss by Curves members. Some of these things were part of the appeal of the program for Hookman.

“I have a friend that was doing Curves and she invited me to come,” she said. “I saw tremendous results. It’s given me energy and the ability to do a lot of things.”

Hookman said she enjoyed the program so much she decided to become a franchisee. She declined to cite the cost of the franchise.

“I thought this was a great thing for women my age,” she said, citing her age only as “late forties.”

She said Curves is very specific about the location of their franchises and designated a specific area where she could place her store.

Hookman and Gathagan said they chose the Northshore Drive location due the availability of parking.

Since opening a year ago, Hookman said her branch has more than 300 members.

“I don’t really have any plans of expanding,” she said. “I’m having fun with what we have here.”

For more information, call 865-769-0126.


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