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Reading club promotes joy of books

The students at Farragut Primary School sure have been reading a lot of books.

“Basically, for the last thirteen to fourteen years, I’ve had what’s called ‘Finley’s Reading Club’ using the Accelerated Reading program,” said Margaret Rogers, school librarian. The club is named after the school mascot, Finley the Dolphin.

“My goal is to hook them on reading, not stress them out on taking tests. These are the best children’s books printed, that they are taking tests for. If we can hook them on reading good children’s books, we’ve accomplished our goal of creating lifelong learners,” said Rogers.

The reading tally so far in Kindergarten is 167 books, held by Madeleine Smith. The leading first-grade readers are Spencer Flint with 299 books read this year, and a total of 459 books read since last year, and Bryce Kenney, who has read 209 books this year, for a total of 315 since last year.

Second-grader Steven Black, a relatively new student, has read 300 books so far. Zachary Tirakis, also a second-grader, has read 288 books, with a total of 656 for his tenure at FPS.

Rogers said a new record was set last year by Kai Smith. He read a total of 1,554 books during his years at FPS. The previous record was set by Shawn Steffey, who read 1,514 books.

“I’ve had about eight kids read over one thousand books,” Rogers said. This year 92 kindergartners are involved in the program, she added.

Steven Black said his favorite book is “Teammates,” about Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese.

In a separate contest, the second-grader received 21 coupons for free ice cream by reading 210 biographies and historical fiction books this year.

“Finley’s Reading Club has helped me learn more about people and the history of our country,” he said.

Spenser Flint likes Pokemon books, but he has a project of his own: he’s writing a book called “If I Had All the Powers That I Could Think Of.”

“I just like to read,” said Bryce Kenney.

Rogers pointed out that he has also won two free ice cream coupons for his reading of 20 biographies.

Zachary Litrakis likes Finley’s Reading Club. “It’s helped me the past three years I’ve been here. It’s really helped me pronounce words and get on with my life better.”

Madeleine Smith said she doesn’t want to quit reading library books when the school year ends.

“She didn’t want to run in her library books and let them have a summer vacation,” Rogers said.


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