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• May 8: A state counselor asked police to go to a Lost Tree Lane address to check the welfare of the resident. The victim had told the counselor that she did not want to live anymore. Officers found the victim having to crawl to make her way around her residence. The victim was intoxicated. The victim did state that she had taken some sleeping pills, but was unsure when or how many. Rural Metro responded for an evaluation. The victim was transported to Baptist Hospital West.

• May 10: Police responded to a Sweetgum Road address where the victim stated sometime earlier someone entered the attached garage and stole a compressor and tools. The garage door had been left open and there was no forced entry.

• May 11: Police were called to a Kingston Pike furniture store where the victim stated he became involved in a verbal argument with the suspect over a misunderstanding about property damage. The victim stated the suspect grabbed him by the shirt and pushed him several times into a dock door of the business. Victim had no marks and stated he wanted “to work things out” with the suspect. The victim was advised of his legal rights.

• May 11: A neighbor notified police that an individual was walking around the house next door on Meadow Point Lane. When officers arrived and checked the house, a door window downstairs had been broken. The doorframe also had a small dent, glass was all over the outside basement floor. Nothing seemed to be missing.

• May 12: A Prince George Parish woman stated to police that she became involved in a verbal argument with her son, the suspect, over him drinking in his room. There were no signs of assault to either party. Victim refused to be transported to a safe place for the night. Victim was advised of her legal rights and given a domestic violence card.

• May 13: A Lewis Lane man reported to police that he was at the Cotton Eyed Joe’s on Outlet Drive when his ex-girlfriend threw a beer bottle and struck the victim in the back. The victim says the suspect punched him causing his nose to bleed. The suspect stated that she was angry with the victim because he was seeing somebody else and that she threw a bottle because she was upset. The suspect said that the victim pushed her after she hit him with the bottle. The victim says they have never lived together in the past, are not related, nor have any children in common. The victim was given, and explained, his rights as a victim.

• May 15: Police received a complaint from the manager of a Middlebrook Pike business that sometime between May 12 and May 15 an unknown person(s) went inside two houses under construction in Rockwell Farms and removed all of the copper wiring.

• May 15: A Woodsmoke Circle man reported to police that he found a tree and telephone junction box damaged in his front yard. Tire tracks from the tree originated from another Woodsmoke Circle house. The officer followed the track and found a vehicle with damage and tree bark in the truck.

• May 17: A worker at the Petro’s Fueling Center on North Watt Road reported that a suspect pumped $16 worth of fuel and drove off without paying.

• May 17: Police were called to Baptist Hospital West due to an Oakland Hills man being bitten by a cat. The victim stated he was petting the cat and the cat bit his right index finger. The victim stated he was calling Animal Control to try and detain the cat to check for rabies.

• May 17: Officers responded to a fight call at Concord Ball Park on Northshore Drive. The victim told officers he was called by the witness to tow several vehicles that had his gate blocked. The victim stated once he arrived to find out who had requested him, several people began leaving the park. The victim stated that the suspect became irate about his vehicle being towed. The victim tried to talk to the suspect rationally but he would not listen. The victim stated that is when the suspect jumped into his vehicle and began backing at a high rate of speed. Victim stated he tried to get out of the way but the suspect’s rear bumper struck him in the right leg knee area. The witness stated he saw the suspect strike the victim.

• May 19: An Azalea Drive woman reported to police that she found her vehicle window broken out and purse gone while it was parked at her place of employment, a restaurant on Kingston Pike. Credit cards, checkbooks and driver’s license were in the purse. The driver side window appeared to be pried on edge of theglass.

• May 20: A Summerdale Drive man called police to report a man lying beside the sidewalk at Mayor Bob Leonard Park. The man said a few minutes later he noticed the victim had not moved. He called for medical assistance due to the victim’s visual condition and lack of movement. Rural Metro personnel responded and stated the victim was deceased. The victim’s family was at the park and identified the victim. The victim had a known history of diabetes. Officers interviewed the victim’s brother-in-law and several photographs were taken of the victim and surrounding area. The victim was transported to the Medical Examiner’s office by Rural Metro.

• May 20: A Packard Lane woman told officers she became involved in a verbal argument with her husband over the victim’s daughter moving in with them. There were no signs of physical assault to either party. The victim’s mother arrived at the residence to pick up her daughter and granddaughter. The victim was advised of her legal rights and given a domestic violence card.


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