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• May 22: Police were called to Lakeside Tavern where the victim told officers she was in the process of leaving the restaurant and was stepping from the rug in the dining room into the lobby, which has a rock floor. As the victim took her first step onto the rock floor with her right foot, her foot slipped from under her and the victim fell down with her left foot under her. The victim then had her foot go out from under her, landing on her back. Victim’s left ankle was injured and swelling, her back between her shoulder blades was injured. Rural Metro was called and took the victim to Baptist West. Victim had two glasses of wine with her meal. The floor had not been mopped. The witness said the rock floor may have been wet due to the night air.

• May 22: A worker for Blaine Construction reported to police that three pieces of equipment leased from Stowers for use on a job at NHC in Farragut were removed from the site. The complainant said the equipment was concealed behind the job trailers.

• May 22: Officers responded to All Kreatures on Outlet Drive where the owner stated that an unknown suspect took four air conditioner units from outside the business.

• May 23: A Heatherwood Court woman stated to police that she is being followed and is being videotaped. An unknown suspect sent the complainant’s boyfriend a videotape of the complainant coming and going over the last month. The tape shows the complainant going to stores, the gym as well as pictures of cars parked in front of her house. The complainant’s boyfriend lives in Florida. The complainant thinks it could be her boyfriend’s ex-wife or her ex-husband. The complainant was advised to call 911 any time she thought she was being followed.

• May 24: Police responded to Heathermoore Road to pick up a purse that was found in some shrubbery at the poolhouse. The property was returned to the victim.

• May 24: Officers escorted a woman to an Augusta National Way address to pick up her daughter.

• May 26: Police were called to Cotton Eyed Joe’s on Outlet Drive where the victim stated that she was leaving the bar when the suspect, the victim’s ex-boyfriend, showed up and grabbed her by the shirt and told her that he was going to blow up her car and then kill her. The victim stated that security from the bar separated him from her, then the suspect left without further incident.

• May 26: A Hickory Woods Road woman called police for a burglary. The victim told officers the suspect came to her residence when the victim was not at home and demanded that his teenage sister open the door and let him in. Suspect’s sister did open the door and the suspect took items from the residence.

• May 28: Police officers responded to a Sailview Road address in response to a possible attempted suicide. Upon their arrival, the victim was lying in the garage with Rural Metro attending to him. According to the complainant the victim had some friends over and was in the garage playing darts. Complainant stated that the victim had a lot to drink the night before and seemed fine. The next morning she woke up and went out to get coffee. She stated that she did not see the victim so she went back in her bedroom and started to drink her coffee. She heard music coming from the garage and went to investigate. She noticed the victim lying on the floor barely conscious. According the complainant the victim had taken drugs. The victim was transported to Parkwest Medical Center by Rural Metro.

• May 29: A Lake Park Lane man reported to police that an unknown suspect entered the fenced backyard of his residence and took a new tiller and approximately 150 pounds of heavy gauge copper wire. He said his son, the suspect, had been walking through his yard prior to the thefts. He said the suspect was employed and had learned of the value of the copper wire and was recently laid off.

• May 30: Police responded to a call from a worker at the Favorite Market on Campbell Station Road who stated that the suspect had come into the business and was purchasing two cans of beer. When the worker asked to see the suspect’s identification, the suspect became aggressive and began to curse the victim. The victim stated that this is the third incident where the suspect has entered the business and cursed the victim. The victim fears that the suspect will continue this harassment and possibly assault the victim.


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