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Junk Bee Gone celebrates one-year anniversary

Junk Bee Gone celebrated its one-year anniversary and company president Mike Such is glad the community is still buzzing about his work.

“I try to run my business by a specific set of principles and I believe people like companies that have principles,” he said. “It’s fun to sit back and say we’ve made it a year. We’ve serviced over a thousand customers in the past year.”

Such said he believes it is his attention to detail and great customer service that keeps his customers coming back to him and referring his company to their friends.

“We have a lot of other businesses referring us to their customers, “ he said.

The city of Knoxville is one of those referral sources. Such said the city sanitation won’t pick up anything beyond a certain length.

“A lot of people have old swing sets in their back yards,” he said. “The city can’t take it, so they usually refer people to us.”

He said an initial challenge of building the business was overcoming the image of being just a guy with a pickup truck for hire.

“You could always find a guy with a pickup for hire,” he said. “But a removal company that specializes in professional removal in a professional manner with a professional truck was non-existent.”

The company has two large box trucks in its fleet, he said. One has a 10-foot bed and the other has a 14-foot bed.

Such said Junk Bee Gone specializes in the removal of unwanted items from homes and garages.

“People don’t usually plan to clean things out,” he said. “It’s rather immediate. Some people just come in and say they want to be able to put their car in the garage again.”

Such said he and his employees always go out in teams of two to evaluate a potential job. The cost varies, depending on the size of the job and the amount of material they have to transport.

“We will not transport hazardous waste,” Such said. “We will educate people where they can take things like old paint cans, old car batteries and motor oil, but we don’t take them.”

He said the company recycles much of the material it removes from homes and donates some to charities.

“I’ve got two charities I like,” he said. “They are the Compassion Coalition and the Mission of Hope.”

Any items that can’t be recycled or donated go to a landfill.

Such said he has been called in on large jobs that have required six or seven trips in the 14-foot truck. One of his more unusual assignments was for an insurance company.

“They asked us to come in and clean out an old warehouse that had been used to store items from house fires,” he said. “These items dated back to the nineteen seventies and included burnt light switches and other things.”

As with any good business, imitators often follow and Such’s business is no exception. For a year he had no competition in the Knoxville and surrounding market. Now, a new company poses a little competition, but he doesn’t worry about it.

“You can concentrate on the competition or you can concentrate on doing things right,” he said. “I prefer to do things right.”

For more information, call 865-693-5880.


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