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• May 27: A Lindsey Lane woman reported to police that the previous day she had occasion to visit with her neighbor’s mother at the suspect’s residence. The victim stated that at some point during her visit, she happened to be standing outside the suspect’s front door when the suspect opened the door and said, “It smells bad out here.” The victim stated that the suspect then sprayed an unknown substance from an aerosol can above the victim’s head. The victim stated she believes the substance was toxic because her lips and chin had a burning sensation after mist from the spray made contact with her skin. The victim refused medical treatment. The victim further stated she believes the suspect’s actions stem from a complaint the victim made to the town of Farragut regarding the suspect’s dogs.

• May 30: A Canberra Road man reported to police that he and his friend pulled their boat within 500 feet of a house that sits on Emory Church Road to start fishing on Fort Loudon Lake when a male stepped out from that house and fired two shots from a shotgun at the victim.

• May 30: A Daisywood Drive man summoned police to the Fresh Market on Kingston Pike where the victim stated that his daughter had borrowed his vehicle for the day and when the victim went to pick up the vehicle at the market, he discovered a weapon in the back seat. The victim asked his daughter who the weapon belonged to and she told him the name of the suspect. The victim turned the weapon over to the responding officers and it was turned into Property at the Knox County Detention Facility.

• May 31: Officers responded to a burglary call at the Weigel’s on Kingston Pike. When officer arrived and began the initial investigation, it was discovered the suspects had cut a hole in the wooden fence and the chain link fence to the business behind the Weigel’s (Knoxville Center for Early Education) to get to the rear of the Weigel’s and then cut a hole in the chain link fence to the Weigel’s and cut a hole in the exterior wall to the back of the business. An unknown amount of cash was missing from the safe and unknown amount of cigarettes and other miscellaneous items were missing from the store. The crime scene was processed.

• May 31: A Sundown Road man reported to police that sometime overnight, unknown suspects opened his car door and took a checkbook and cash. The victim stated nothing else appears missing.

• May 31: Police responded to a Derby Run residence on a domestic disturbance. The victim stated her ex-husband came to her residence uninvited. The suspect was intoxicated and became verbally abusive calling the victim names. The victim stated there have been other times the suspect has come to her residence just to harass her. The victim was advised of her rights and given a card. The suspect was gone upon officer’s arrival.

• May 31: A Midhurst Drive man told officers that he and his wife had been in an argument and that the suspect had attempted to harm herself by exiting their vehicle while it was in transit. The victim and the suspect said they had been in a minor verbal altercation over the suspect being with a friend overnight and not contacting the victim. The complainant again voiced his concern over the suspect injuring herself. The suspect said she had no intension about suicide or other self-injuring acts and had plans for treatment for chemical dependency. The victim was taken into custody without incident on unrelated charges.

• May 31: Officers responded to West End Avenue to investigate a report of a vehicle stuck on the playground. The suspect had been playing lacrosse behind Farragut Middle School and stated when he got ready to leave he decided to drive down the embankment and cut through the playground. The suspect’s vehicle then got stuck in the mud and had to have a wrecker get him out. The suspect’s vehicle caused two large ruts and damage to the lawn. Officers waited for someone from school maintenance for 1 1/2 hours but they never arrived. Officers then let the suspect leave and he was told he should contact Knox County schools.

• May 31: A Southwick Circle woman stated to officers that the suspect became violent after she told him he needs to stop drinking. The victim stated that the suspect grabbed her hair and pulled her down. Officers could not determine the primary aggressor due to conflicting stories. There was no evidence of domestic violence. The suspect was very intoxicated and the victim was on hydrocodone for a broken arm. Both parties refused to separate and were very belligerent toward the officers.

• June 1: A worker at Petro’s Fueling Center on North Watt Road told officers that a check was returned for insufficient funds and there was only a name on the check. The complainant could not provide a description of the suspect.

• June 1: Police were called to the West Park Inn on Outlet Drive where the victim stated that he and his wife had been arguing over family issues. Domestic violence rights were given, both written and verbal. Both parties refused to leave the motel.

• June 1: Police responded to a Dundee Drive residence on a domestic assault complaint. The victim stated that she was at her stepfather’s house when they got into a verbal argument that escalated to him grabbing her hand and squeezing until her fingers went numb. She then left the residence and went home and called police. The victim had no visible injuries and was issued a family crisis card and advised of warrant procedures.

• June 2: Officers were called to Park West Medical Center on an assault call. The victim told officers that while he was at a friend’s residence the suspect invited the victim to come out on the front porch where the victim was punched several times in the face. During the assault the victim fell backward hitting his head causing a large cut on the back of his head. The victim had a cut over his right eye and also swelling to both eyes. Pictures were taken of the victim’s injuries and he was advised of his options.

• June 3: Officers responded to Hart Road at Northshore Drive for a domestic disturbance. When they arrived, the suspect was not on the scene. The victim stated the suspect followed him from his workplace after an argument was started. The victim stopped for a red light on Kingston Pike at Concord Road, the suspect approached the passenger side of his vehicle, threatened to harm the victim and struck the window several times. The victim fled the scene and escaped the suspect. The suspect proceeded to call the victim’s residence in excess of fifteen times in a matter of minutes. The suspect threatened property damage and continual harassment to the victim until the custody issues between the victim and the suspect were resolved. Officer talked to the suspect by phone and verbally warned her against trespassing. The suspect told officers this behavior would continue no matter what.

• June 5: A Georgetown Drive woman stated to police that she and her daughter were walking their dog in front of the suspect’s residence. The victim and her daughter were both on the sidewalk and not on the suspect’s property. The suspect’s dog was not on a leash or fenced and approached the victim. The victim felt threatened by the animal and began to spray it with pepper spray. The suspect witnessed this and became angry. The victim stated the suspect began to threaten her and her family. The victim fled to her residence and called 911. The suspect stated to officer his dog had not left the yard when the victim began to spray the dog. The victim was not attacked by the dog at the time. The victim does feel the dog is aggressive and is going to harm someone. The victim was advised to notify Animal Control about the nature of this incident.

• June 5: A J & J Construction worker reported that he arrived at his job side on Spring Branch Road to find someone had stolen ladders and wallboard from the site. A witness saw a suspect take items and obtained the tag number which did match vehicle description. The witness stated it appeared to be the same vehicle he had seen about a week earlier from another construction site.

• June 6: Officers responded to the Food City on Kingston Pike where a complainant stated she witnessed the suspect jamming a knife into the coin slot of the Food Club cola machine. Minor damage was done to the coin slot.


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