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Knox County is, as most are well aware, going through a bit of turmoil with regard to its charter.

Part of the controversay is over the issue of term limits for Knox County commissioners.

In this day and age of low voter turnout and apathy, when our representitives can be placed in office by less than five percent of the voting-age population, should there be laws limiting the number of times a person can hold the same office?

Why not leave office-holders with open terms and let voters decide when it is time for them to go, or leave voters to suffer because they were too lazy or busy to go out and vote?

Shouldn’t incumbents’ records determine whether or not they hold office?

Take for instance County Commissioner Craig Leuthold. Leuthold, a Republican, had an opponent, Republican Kyle Phillips, in the primary and Leuthold was chosen by 5th District voters to represent them again. He now runs unopposed in the general election — the voters’ choice.

The other 5th District incumbents, Mike Hammond and John Griess (both Republicans), are opposed by Independent candidate John Sadler and write-in Democratic candidate Tom Salter, respectively. Griess, depending on the outcome of charter legalities, may have to drop out leaving Salter to run unopposed.

At the end of the day, voters get what they deserve, either good representative government or bad — the price of apathy.

The bottom line is that elected officials, both past and present, got the county into the charter mess its in today and all of those of voting age who didn’t vote helped place them in office.


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