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• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

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That’s it. The forum is open for comments regarding anything you have on your mind — local politics, world affairs, sports, religion, community affairs, city-county unification or anything else.

• OK, where are all the complainers now that the Campbell Station Road, Concord Road’s all opened up and the lanes are finished. We have all these nice, new, pretty lanes, and two turn lanes on Concord Road. And there’s no traffic backups and everything just runs smooth. Where are all the people that were complaining about it while it was under construction? They need to come back and write in, or call in, to presstalk and say how nice it is.

• Does [sic] Knox County Schools really care about Bearden High School students? What is their threshold of tolerance for inefficiency?

• We need a traffic light at Northshore and Concord Road, not a three-way stop sign, that would be very dangerous. A red light.

• In response to the Through the Lens “Three-Way Stop” [question], this would absolutely be a very good idea to put the three-way stop at the corner of Northshore and Concord. Contrary to what some readers have stated about people running stop signs, I see a general courtesy at almost every three-way and four-way stop sign that I have encountered in Knox County. That would be a perfect idea — and frankly, I think it would be a solution. Why spend the money on this huge roundabout that is not going to help the situation because Northshore is still going to be moving through the roundabout at the same rate that they go through the Northshore-Concord intersection right now? The three-way stop sign is the answer to all the problems.

• My call is in reference to the lawsuit filed against [a convenience store] by the town of Farragut for violating a sign ordinance. If we as a town are so concerned with the town’s appearance, shouldn’t we be trying to fill vacant gas stations and new office complexes? Or perhaps we can crack down on the number of old cars allowed in people’s yards. Any of these would serve our people and community better than a lawsuit over the price of a Moon Pie and Icee.

• I may be mistaken, but I vaguely remember seeing something recently about Farragut being a business-friendly town. But, just to refresh my memory, maybe we could ask the folks at [area conveniences stores] what they know about being business-friendly in the town of Farragut. Good luck, guys.

• A three-way stop at Concord and Northshore will not work. I go that way every day — it needs a light. It is awful.

• As an elementary educator and parent living in Farragut, I agree we definitely need a new elementary school. Teachers have enough challenge to educate all the children of various levels and backgrounds. Overcrowded classrooms don’t provide a conducive environment for children to receive one-on-one instruction and the quality of education they deserve. I read in the farragutpress that [town leaders] wants to keep 26 acres on McFee Road a park. I have a solution: build a school surrounded by a park. The community and the school can share this park and playground together. My husband attended school in Virginia where this design, on a small piece of land, was functional. I think young people of Farragut, parents and teachers, deserve a new school. When it comes time to build this new school, include teachers on the design committee to help create a more functional school as well.

• This is in regards to the roundabout, or the three-way stop, at Northshore and Concord Road. I’m kinda familiar with the roundabout we have at McFee [Road]. With that kind of traffic on McFee, that roundabout would be useful, but having a roundabout at Concord and Northshore Drive would be a little more of a headache trying to let all the drivers try to figure out how to move around the roundabout. I wouldn’t think it would be best served; [instead] put a traffic light at that corner at Northshore and [Concord Road]. That would be a little more feasible. But having a roundabout at Concord and Northshore, that would cause more problems for the motorists than would do any good. Motorists trying to maneuver around a roundabout — I don’t think it would work, especially if you’ve got trucks from the county that go out there, they might have a trailer. You’re looking at a major inconvenience. I don’t think it would work, so I would more prefer a traffic light at that intersection.

• Stop signs at Concord and Northshore, you’ve got to be kidding. With rush-hour traffic already backed up for more than a mile on Concord Road with a stop sign, they’ll just end up with mile-long backups on Northshore in both directions. When is someone with some brains going to be elected in this county?


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