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Patterson, Steeplechase homeowners to petition TDOT, Comer endorses Bredesen, Honor the Champions

Patterson, Steeplechase homeowners to petition TDOT

(Editor’s Note: This letter was received after our Friday deadline and was not included in the June 15 issue.)

Watt Road extension fiasco!

This is a follow up letter to let the people of Farragut know how the Mayor and Aldermen


We were told at the May 4 workshop that this item would be a workshop item for the June 15 meeting. Instead, it is an Agenda item where a vote [was] taken. Notice that the Agenda item states “Public hearing on the layout alternatives… ,” although the town has already purchased land for the extension to join at the Steeplechase entrance, and also voted at the June 8 meeting to approve the rezoning for the condo development where option B is located on the Wilbur Smith proposal.

I had a personal meeting with the mayor [W. Edward “Eddy” Ford] June 8 to discuss some studies that Steeplechase homeowners had made and also to discuss other alternatives. I was told that the town could not afford the property for option B. It seems that the $65 thousand engineering study and the public hearing [are] for show only, since the town has already made decisions before the study is discussed. They seem to be operating on a philosophy of “my mind is made up, please don’t confuse me with facts.” Please be there Thursday night, June 15 at 7 [p.m.] when the discussions will take place.

We plan to petition TDOT to withhold funding for the Watt Road extension until other alternatives are considered to distribute traffic patterns, control traffic speed and safety. We believe the Town and the State should spend funds wisely and get the best solution for the funds spent. We don’t think extending Watt Road is the best solution or best use of funds to solve the flow of traffic from McFee Road. If you wish to support us on this petition, please e-mail your name, address, subdivision and comments to Hopefully, TDOT will listen since they are funding 80 [percent] of this project.

Thank you,

Sherman Patterson


Comer endorses Bredesen

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen deserves a second term. Since taking office three years ago, the State of Tennes-see has had successive balanced budgets and Gov. Bredesen has proved himself as an astute manager of the public trust. Most recently, the governor signed a $26.1 billion state budget that gives more uninsured Tennes-seeans access to health care. The new budget also includes $39 million to keep higher education tuition increases at state colleges and universities at 4 percent; 250 new preschool classrooms will be opened and state workers and teachers will get pay raises.

Gov. Bredesen has worked diligently to clean up the TennCare mess he inherited. In doing so, Bredesen took on one of the most challenging and perplexing issues in recent state history. Gov. Bredesen was also forced to reorganize the Tennessee Highway Patrol this past year … something he did not see coming. This governor has not had an easy time, but he has not ducked troublesome issues either. Bredesen is a hands-on governor, who does his homework and does not back down when he knows he is right.

The only heartburn I have had with Gov. Bredesen’s tenure had to do with building in yet another delay on construction of the Interstate 75 Bypass known as the Orange Route. We all are stewards of the land according to the Bible. The blood from every fatality that occurs along I-40/75 because that interstate highway has not been constructed is on the hands of those in authority, and ultimately the public. I did not make up that ruling, … it’s Biblical.

Paul L. Comer Jr., Chairman, Republicans for

Re-election of Phil Bredesen


Honor the Champions


I have listened to the Farragut students and baseball players who have helped me in my garden over the years.  They are extremely talented and as we all know, they contribute to the numerous accolades and/or serve as members of the numerous Tennessee State Champion-ship teams (baseball, soccer, etc.). Each year, I hear them wish for a sign or something on Kingston Pike to “let the world know that they are champions.” I believe the town should honor their achievements by cleaning up the baseball outfield wall area along Kingston Pike (across from the shopping plaza) and have their achievements painted on the baseball outfield wall for all to see.  

 By doing so would give a first-class impression to those traveling on Kingston Pike and would let current and perspective citizens physically see what Farragut is about (schools being central to the community).  The championships obtained by the students and the history of Farragut High School are more “concrete” to the community and region than any other landmark (besides the orange dinosaur) or initiative in Farragut on Kingston Pike.  Perhaps the current leadership could make an exception of “not being in the school business” to honor and promote its student athletic achievements by cleaning up this area.  I think it would be quite deserving for such a community that brands itself as “the place to live and do



Bill Johns

Bluewater Consulting



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