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• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

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That’s it. The forum is open for comments regarding anything you have on your mind — local politics, world affairs, sports, religion, community affairs, city-county unification or anything else.

• I don’t believe a three-way stop sign at Northshore and Concord is going to serve the purpose. But I do think a right-turn lane off of Concord going down Northshore, and a turn lane off of Northshore coming into Concord, would solve a lot of the problems. That way people coming off of Northshore going into Concord, people know that they’re going right, rather than going straight ahead, when they come there, and the cars can pull on out. I think two turn lanes will help a whole lot. It wouldn’t take much more money to build a couple of turn [lanes]. I know you don’t have a lot of room because of the bridge, but it would really help.

• This is regarding the three-way stop sign at Concord Road. Of course it will help, it’s been negotiated with the state and the town, and is underway. I don’t understand why people who have won the case are so impatient to have something done right now. After you’ve won, you just wait and live with it and go along until the job gets done.

• This is a call to the Farragut community to let them know what a great softball program we have in town that needs recognition. My daughter just completed her seventh year of playing rec ball with the CBFO Softball program on Northshore. My daughter has enjoyed the competition and has learned something new about softball, and life, each year. There’s one man down there ... who needs to be congratulated on maintaining this program to the level he does. He seems to get the best coaches every year, and provides a great venue for our children to spend time, both players and fans. If you haven’t been to the park you should go see. It’s a nice way to spend the summer nights.

Editor’s Note: Please bear in mind that the Northshore softball and baseball facility is not in the town of Farragut.

• I live in the Farragut area and I used the intersection at Northshore and Concord Road quite frequently and I don’t think that a roundabout is going to do it. I think that it needs a three-way stop or a traffic light.

• I’d like to comment on the intersection at Concord and Northshore. Somebody needs to do something about that really fast or we’re going to make sure that people get elected who will do something about it. A three-way stop would probably be the most effective way.

• On the Northshore Drive and Concord Road, I believe that a roundabout is probably not the right answer. I think it should be a three-way stop, or a traffic light with turning lanes.

• I have heard numerous negative comments concerning [a political candidate] and his campaign staff, making the choice to hang their campaign posters on the attractive fence that is built along both Lovell Road and Parkside Drive, which frames the protected area. The posters are hung on the fence with plastic straps nearly 50 yards beyond [the candidate’s] signs on the fence on Lovell Road. Another of the signs is mounted properly in the ground, using two steel poles, as it should be. Using these fences for any purpose sets a poor example for respecting property. It also sets a poor example for misuse of fences in the future. We hope to see [the candidate] and his staff remove these signs and place them in areas with the poles in the ground as they should be.

• My friends and I are Vietnam veterans [inaudible] and we ride bicycles on Boyd’s Station Road, Virtue Road, Evans Road, McFee and out to Martel. And we ride as far to the right as we can, and we wear very colorful clothing so people can see us. And yet many car drivers endanger our lives, throw things at us or otherwise abuse our rights as bicyclists on the road. I would ask all car and truck drivers, especially truck drivers, to have some respect for veterans, and for human life in general, and slow down and give a wide berth to bicyclists. We have as much right to the road as cars do. [Inaudible] and we’ve fought and risked our lives for our country.

• How long would it take to get the overhead lights at the Farragut Branch Library fixed? They have now been on the blink for over a year.

• This is in response to the [farragutpress] article titles, “No relief in sight for elementary school overcrowding” [June 15 issue]. It seems to me like we need a school a lot more than another park in Farragut. If you go six miles north from McFee Road, where the park and the school is being debated about, you have Watt Road park [Mayor Bob Leonard Park], you have Campbell Station Park. If you go two miles south from that area, you have Concord Park. Don’t get me wrong, I love the parks — part of the reason we moved here was because of the parks — but part of the reason we’re thinking about moving out of this area is because of the school overcrowding. School for our children are much more important than having another park within the same distance as three other parks.

• First of all, thank you to the lady in the black SUV who stopped traffic on Northshore to let people from Concord Road out. If more people would do this, we would not have a traffic problem down there and we probably would not have to deal with a red light, a stop sign or a roundabout or some other monstrosity that is going to cause a major problem.

• It is unacceptable that [a local utility] has failed to keep up with current needs of water in a valley of plenty. The managers and the board of directors, past and present, should be called to account by County Commission to explain their shortsightedness and complete failure on the job. No excuses and no alibis, please.

• Something should be done about the irrigation systems on Parkside and on Northshore drives. Those people are watering the street there every day, and they need to cut back on their irrigation if the rest of us have to.

• I want to comment on the Concord Road and Northshore Drive intersection. I observed last Sunday, while stopped at the Concord Road stop sign behind what I counted as 15 other vehicles … this was Sunday morning, not weekday rush hours, several of the vehicle pass through the stop sign, both right and left turns, without stopping. What makes anyone think that a three-way stop would be any different. The no extra lane barriers were cut down to keep drivers from passing on the shoulder and never replaced. Why not? And who’s running around painting our stop signs with political slogans? Is there no police presence anywhere in the Farragut area?


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