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The Fresh Market celebrates re-grand opening

Farragut resident Amy Harding went to The Fresh Market in Farragut Friday just expecting to pick up a few things, but instead found herself in the middle of, as she put it, “a lot of fun.”

The Fresh Market hosted a re-grand opening Friday, June 23, in order to commemorate the completion of the interior renovations of the store.

“Because the Farragut community has been so amazing in its response by shopping in our store, we have remodeled the inside of our store,” said Dorothy Carlow, media relations coordinator for Fresh Market. “It has become a newer concept store. The entire inside of the store looks completely different than it did six or eight months ago. It’s actually quite a transformation. We are celebrating that by having a community barbecue.”

She said many changes have taken place to convert the 18,000 square-foot facility to a 22,000 square-foot store. In terms of interior changes, the company replaced the meat cases with European-style cases and replaces the canvas canopies with European copper canopies with recessed lighting. The same change took place in the fresh seafood department.

Carlow said the company replaced the produce boats with wooden European cases with refrigeration and drainage. The company also replaced the ovens in the deli and bakery.

The bakery includes a new refrigerated cake case and a self-serve upright cookie case.

Carlow said the festivities, which started at 9 a.m., Friday, and ran through June 25, included an after-hours barbecue, a live jazz band and cooking demonstrations by local professional chefs. The store provided a free coffee brick to its first 1,000 customers each day as well as offering Maryland crabcake tastings, Hereford blackened blue cheese steak cooking demonstrations and tastings as well as a host of other events.

“This is the first time we haven’t moved locations and had a re-grand opening ceremony,” Carlow said. “Since we like the location and the leasing management company we work with, this time we decided to try and do it from a remodeling perspective while remaining open. We’re treating it like a brand new store.”

All the festivities are just like our new store openings.”

“We want to let everyone know everything about the store will be better,” said Craig Carlock, senior vice president of operations for The Fresh Market. “Over the years, we have added new programs in our older stores, like the one in Farragut, and we need more space for them and our customers.”

Carlock said the Farragut remodeling is the fifth one undertaken by the North Carolina-based company.


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