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FMPC talks Old Stage light

Installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of Old Stage Road and Kingston Pike by spring of 2007 “is a great possibility” according to Farragut town leaders.

“To say it’s a done deal, not exactly, to say we think it’s a great possibility, the answer is yes,” Farragut Mayor W. Edward “Eddy” Ford III said during the bi-monthly Farragut Municipal Planning Commission meeting Thursday, July 6, in Town Hall.

Darryl Smith, town engineer, said the time frame was “about six months” after required paperwork is sent to the Tennessee Department of Transportation for their approval, adding up to “probably eight or nine months” before a traffic light at Old Stage and Kingston Pike actually would be up and operating.

“The biggest reason for a delay like that is once you have a signal designed and you get started on it, it can be even six month before the poles arrive,” Smith added. ”It takes a little longer to manufacture those and get ’em out here.”

Smith said he and other town leaders met with Amanda Snowden of the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s Region I office in late June concerning traffic signal requests at various Kingston Pike intersections in Farragut.

“The signals, of course, are a big concern for the residents of Farragut,” Smith said. “We’ve had a lot of requests for signals at Old Stage Road, Everett Road, Peterson, Virtue. One thing that did come out of that meeting, they have recounted several of our intersections along the Kingston Pike corridor.”

As for Virtue Road, “That intersection still does not meet [traffic count] warrants,” Smith said, adding that he “believes” the Everett Road intersection meets warrants, “But [TDOT] said we’re not going to have a signal there until we have a center turn lane.”

Ford said TDOT has the Peterson Road intersection “on their radar screen, they’re looking at it.”

Smith said Peterson Road “is very close to being warranted,” adding that TDOT recommended the town delay pursuit of a traffic signal there “until the property on the north side of that intersection is redeveloped. That would be the Regal Cinemas property.”

Asked if final TDOT approval was granted for the Old Stage Road light, Smith said that town had received, “What you’d call a verbal approval.”

At that point Ford jumped in to clarify the town’s position. “You’ve got to be very caution because this is the first step in an approval process. They’ve put the ball now in the town of Farragut’s court, in Darryl’s court, to enter into a contract to have the signalization design. So Darryl’s taking steps to do that. But once you get that, then they’ve asked that that design, plus a letter from the mayor requesting installation of the signal, be sent to the Region One headquarters.

And they, in turn, will put on top of that statements that they feel warrants are met, and forward the whole package to Nashville for T-DOT to view in Nashville. They make the final decision on Kingston Pike. So we’re in that process right now.”

In other business, the town:

• unanimously approved, subject to meeting certain staff recommendations, a preliminary plat for Baldwin Park, parcel 73, tax map 142, located on the south side of Boring Road just west of Waverly Court, 16.18 acres, zoned R-3, 38 lots; and improvements to approximately 1,700 feet of Boring Road (Saddlebrook Development, Inc., applicant).

• unanimously approved a request to amend the text of Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 4, Section XX. Parking and Loading, to change the parking requirements for automobile and/or truck repair shop (Arthur G. Seymour Jr.,


• unanimously approved a resubdivision of Shiloh to plat the street as a public right-of-way (Shiloh Homeowners Association, applicant). Among staff recommendations listed was the need to correct what “appears to be a discrepancy between the new plat and the old plat regarding the location of the Kingston Pike ROW line and where it falls on the property. …”

• unanimously approved a change of the originally scheduled Thursday, Sept. 7 meeting, moving it up to Thursday, Aug. 31.

• discussed, in workshop, an amendment to the Farragut Subdivision Regulations, Article II, to change the utility easement certification requirements.


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