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• June 18: A Champions Point man reported to police that the property next to his had been abandoned by its owners and a group of feral cats had taken up residence there. One of the cats had gone into his yard and had attacked the complainant’s dog. The complainant’s spouse and daughter attempted to separate the animals. The cat scratched the daughter on the hand. The complainant said he was forced to dispatch the cat with a brick. The complainant stated the owners of the property feed the animals and maintain the yard on the property but do not reside there. Suspect information was provided by the Fox Den HOA book.

• June 23: A Peterson Road woman reported to police that she was in bed at about 1 a.m. when she heard a thump noise at the front of her residence. When she went to investigate, she found someone had thrown several eggs at her residence. The victim did not see the damage done to a block wall at the front of her drive until she came home from work. The victim does not have any suspects.

• June 24: A Graham Road man reported to police that his daughter left a vehicle parked overnight in the parking lot at Cotton Eyed Joe’s on Outlet Drive. When she returned, she found the driver’s side window had been broken out and the radio missing from the dash.

• June 24: Police were called to Precision Auto Tune on Kingston Pike on a possible assault that had just occurred. Upon officers’ arrival the victim stated that a white male that he did not know came into the service center and began staring at him. The victim stated that the suspect then left but came back a short time later. The suspect approached the victim stating that “you killed my step-father. I’m going to murder you.” The suspect then smacked the victim in the face. The suspect left the scene after employees stepped in. A customer at the scene witnessed the assault. The victim stated that he does not know the suspect. Officers retrieved the name of the suspect by records check on tag and verified through customer transactions at the location.

• June 25: Police were called to Campbell Station Road where a Texas woman stated she was exiting off I-40 at Exit 373 when her vehicle pulling a U-Haul trailer began to slide. To avoid collision, the victim diverted onto the grassy median momentarily when an object in the grass came up and caused minor damage to the U-Haul trailer and broke her drive-side mirror.

• June 25: A Farlow Drive woman reported to police that she and her husband were in a verbal argument about their financial situation and marriage. During their heated argument, the suspect pushed the kitchen table into a window. Both appeared to have been drinking alcohol and the victim did leave the residence with a responsible driver. Both parties were advised of their domestic violence rights.

• June 25: An Oakley Downs Road man reported to police that as he was leaving his residence he noticed that one of his vehicles had the passenger’s side window busted out. The victim said that nothing appeared to be missing out of the vehicle.

• June 25: A Grigsby Chapel Road woman reported to police that someone destroyed the rear glass of her vehicle with what looked like some type of air rifle. A small dent in the rear door also was found that is consistent with damage caused by a BB or pellet. The victim stated that she was aware of several other incidents similar to this one with various other victims in the recent past.

• June 25: An Oakley Downs Road woman reported to police that she found that her purse with its contents had been stolen out of her vehicle. The victim advised that her garage door had mistakenly been left open the night before and the window was down and doors were unlocked on her vehicle, which had been parked inside. The victim said that her driver’s license, checkbook, credit card and cell phone were in her purse. The purse also contained prescription medication, Social Security cards and other miscellaneous items. The door of another vehicle belonging to the victim was also found open but nothing was missing from that vehicle, which was parked on the street.

• June 28: A Weatherly Hills woman reported to police that she had received a voicemail from an unknown number that was a male making sexual comments.

• June 28: An East Fox Den man reported to police that his wife has not lived at their residence for weeks and when he got out of the shower he found her downstairs in the house. The victim believes the suspect kicked the door from the garage to residence open to enter. The suspect stated that she came in an unlocked back door. Both parties stated no one has keys to the house and they [the couple] are married. The suspect stated the victim knew she was coming to get her belongings. Both parties stated no physical violence occurred and the suspect left to avoid more problems.

• June 28: A worker at a Weigel’s Store on Kingston Pike reported to police that two white males pumped $34 in fuel and drove off without paying.

• June 29: A worker at the Food City Store on Kingston Pike reported to police that he heard a noise and saw someone walking around the corner of the building. He then found a coke machine turned over. The lock appeared to be missing and the machine had pry marks on the door. Machine has been out of order for a while and had no money or product inside. At the time of the report, officer was unable to check if entry was made since machine was face down and could not be lifted.


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