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FBMA looks at Union Road parcel rezoning

The rezoning of approximately 110 acres of land became a source of contention among the members of the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen during the Thursday night meeting July 13.

Applicant Scott Davis, representing Jefferson Creek, LLC, was requesting the Board approve the rezoning of 110 acres on the north side of Union Road between Saddle Ridge and Fox Run subdivisions from agriculture to R-2.

Alderman Tom Rosseel expressed concern that Davis didn’t fully understand the implications of the R-2 zoning, which would require Davis to be responsible for improvements to Union Road from the bridge up to the entrance of the proposed subdivision. Rosseel said his concern was caused by a letter from Davis to the town requesting the town share in the cost of the improvements to the road.

“My concern is that the applicant doesn’t understand the requirements of an R-2 zone,” Rosseel said. “I think we should postpone the matter until he has a better understanding of the requirements.”

Davis told the Board in all discussions with the town the understanding was the town would share in the cost of the road improvements.

“There was an understanding that I was applying for an R-two zone,” Davis said. “This to me is putting a condition on this that cost sharing is only for the R-one zoning.”

“It’s not a mystery,” Rosseel said. “All you had to do was read the letter the town staff sent to you.”

Farragut Community Development Director Ruth Hawk told the Board the original application Davis submitted dealt with the R-1 zoning issue. She and her staff recommended denial of the rezoning to R-2 due to the slope of the land and drainage issues, issues similar to those experienced previously in the Fox Run subdivision.

Rosseel pointed out the need for consistency in the way the town is handling matters. He referred to a recent R-2 zoning of a subdivision on Boring Road in which the developer is taking full responsibility for improvements to the road.

“It is important we be consistent in the way we handle things,” said Vice Mayor Mike Haynes.

Rosseel called to question a vote on postponing the matter. He and Alderman Dorothy “Dot” LaMarche voted to postpone the issue until Davis had come to an understanding of the requirements of an R-2 district. Mayor W. Edward “Eddy” Ford III, Haynes and Alderman Joel Garber voted against postponement.

Voting split along the same lines when the FBMA approved the rezoning with the understanding that Davis and town staff develop a detailed plan of what would be required of Davis as developer.

After the meeting, Hawk said the difference between the R-1 district and R-2 district is in minimum lot size. She said the R-1 has a minimum lot size of 20,000 square feet and the R-2 has a minimum lot size of 15,000 square feet.

In unrelated matters, town administrator Dan Olson told the Board the special census results have been accepted by the state and the fiscal increase from the state should be forthcoming in upcoming months. Olson said the matter had to go through state channels before it was confirmed. He said the information was filed with the East Tennessee office of the Local Planning Office, a branch of the state Community Development Department.

“ “The do a test to check our numbers,” Olson said in the past. “When they are done, they will certify the numbers with the state.”

Olson said the town should see an increase of close to $200,000 in funding from the state.

“We should pick up an additional two-hundred thousand a year in road use funds and money from the general fund,” he said.

Olson said the road use funds should be around $40,000 while the rest of the money should come in the form of sales tax revenue. The allocation to the town of sales tax revenue is population based, as are funds the town gets from the general fund for TVA revenues and a tax on petroleum products.


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